1. MegaCrasher

    Pokemon GO NEWS!! Next Update To Help Trainers Obtain Evolution Items More Often! HYPE!

    LET'S CRUSH 20 LIKES!!! :D Help us reach 4,000 amazing people in our community by Subscribing today! Be sure to TURN ON Notifications so you will be the 1st to know when I upload next! :D So we have ourselves some more news in regards to Pokemon GO! This involves the details of the next update...
  2. Zeferus

    How To Fix A Dying Channel With Inactive Subscribers

    I currently have 1589 subscribers but recently my support has been going down ever since I stopped uploading videos for 4 months. But then, I came back and started making more videos but I realized my views have been going down and I don't have an audience which regularly watch my videos every...
  3. Shehzad

    YTtalk Setting up your YouTube channel link

    For anyone needing help on this here is the video I made for fixing/setting up your YT channel link. Share it to people if you see their channel link is broke.
  4. MitchProVideos

    Channel navigation not on YouTube mobile FIX

    So recently I was viewing my channel on the mobile app for YouTube and realized my channel was a bit different than others. When I viewed PewDiePie's channel (Just an example channel) I could see "tabs" such as "Home" and "Videos" and "Playlists". But on my channel I didn't have these "Tabs". So...