1. C

    Other IRL content creators in Ontario, Canada

    Hey y’all, I’m a 19 year old dude in Barrie Ontario looking to collab with anyone doing IRL content weather that’s Pranks, Sports, Vlogs, anything else. I’m willing to travel if you’re a reasonable distance. Lemme know if you’re in my area and looking to do some vids. :)
  2. The Humble JuanB

    Short Film Film Props!

    i found a site i use to get break away items like fake glass bottles and bricks for fall away walls at www. newrulefx .com now you know where to go for your next project! your'e welcome :cool::coolphones:
  3. S

    How a channel can get 1 million subscribers?

    I am a film maker. I want to make some good short films and release them in my youtube channel. I have released two films. Many people appreciated these films, but I couldn't reach yet a broad range of audience as number of subscribers in my channel is not much. I want to make some interesting...
  4. James Chris

    Short Film Irish filmmakers needed

    Hey guys Basically, I'm planning to record a podcast with a guest (similar to The True Geordie's podcasts) and I'm in need of filmmakers to record the conversation from different angles. We can discuss everything including pay and the finer details privately, so if you could let me know down...
  5. crandy93

    Short Films

    I'm new to short films and I just completed my very first attempt. I'm looking for suggestions to make my content better. All suggestions and comments are welcome. My YouTube channel is Randy Castaneda
  6. Nathan Haych


    I feel like i've hit a wall!!! :( any idea i think of.. when I try and visualise the video in my head it doesnt look that great. Im a fashion stylist,So I want to make more fashion videos but i definitely DONT want the typical OOTD/Pickups/hauls/How to Style videos. I LOVE capturing nice...
  7. xBlazingStar94x

    What do you use YouTube for? & How did you come about to use it?

    I spend so much of my time on YouTube that it actually might be unhealthy. So much so, I decided to write my university dissertation on YouTube linking it in with Users and Gratification Theory. I used to like making videos when I was 16 (2010-2011) but got super self conscious when people at my...
  8. Jayel_Boss

    Where to learn how to make music for films

    Hayo people so i have recently been wanting to get into making music for my films but there is a problem. I don't have any musical equipment or experience and i don't want to use royalty free music yeah i know. Is there anyone out there who knows where i could get started producing music...
  9. Julius Gacgacao

    Services Free film style intros!

    I'm a filmmaker, and my summer break is about to start so I have some free time to make films. I will make intros for free, all I ask is that you let me put "Made by: Azn Films" in the bottom corner, towards the end of the intro. If you don't like the idea of that me putting my channel name...
  10. C

    Short Film Making A Film Group

    Hey, I make short films. So now I want to start a small group for extra actors and actresses. Email me proper applications at
  11. Julius Gacgacao

    Short Film (Trailer)

    Hello it's me, I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet. Haha jk I thought that would be a good intro. (That first line was from Adele - Hello. If you didn't get it) So anyways I'm uploading a Short film next week, and I couldn't finish it last weekend. But I do have a...
  12. Julius Gacgacao

    Quality over quantity?

    I have been consistent with uploads every week ever since my, Blind folding guessing challenge. People always say consistency is key to growing on YouTube, and I believe that. By posting every week for about 5 weeks I have noticed my subscriber rate going up slowly, but its going up. Now I'm...