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  1. J


  2. Rallex

    Two years and only 535 Subs! Is Something Wrong?

    Hey guys, My name is Rallex. I've been working super hard on my channel, making Vlogs and what I think is entertaining gaming videos but I'm not getting much views and Subs have stopped coming in. Am I doing something wrong? What can I do or what do I change? I feel like there is just something...
  3. Kaitlyn Moore

    Opinions/Review My Channel

    Hello Friends! I was just wonder if you guys could review my channel for me and tell me whats good whats bad what I could do better or change etc. Thank you <3 xoxo Kaitlyn
  4. Rallex

    Need Feedback On My Channel! :D

    Hi! I've been stuck with around 500 Subscribers for a solid three to four months with only around 20-50 views on a video and I'd like to hear some feedback on what I should do on the channel for more views and if my Thumbnails are good, what I could do better at and such :) Would love to see...
  5. I

    I need feedback on my choice of thumbnails and content plz help :)

  6. sphamedia

    Asking your fans for things

    So today i made a video asking my fans for constructive criticism and to actively tell me what they like from me, i was thinking if this is something that is fround apon, like i know that asking them to vote you up in stuff is a terrible thing and i know that you never ask for actual stuff, but...