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  1. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Make Your Facebook Page Engaging - How To Fill In Your Facebook Page

    How To Make Your Facebook Page Engaging - How To Fill In Your Facebook Page // Filling out your facebook page to make it looked lived in and engaging can help you impress and convert sales and leads for your business. A good Facebook Business Page should always look full, busy and engaging. But...
  2. Nicholas Thing

    Begining with media or not

    I've been only uploading for a month now with almost every week a video. I have a current subscribercount of 4. My question is: Is it good to start straight away with all the media and stuff or should I start when my channel is bigger? I've already made a Facebookpage for my channel to give...
  3. Qball

    Facebook Upcoming Independent Game - Facebook Page (Lets Support!!)

    My company is currently developing an independent game called "Rize of the Summonds." View the page and make sure to like and follow, and support our journey to success! https://www.facebook.com/rizeofthesummonds/
  4. Anjim

    My Facebook page and Twitter

    If you want to get updates on Youtube and show some love. Here is my twitter and facebook https://www.facebook.com/Anjim2.0/ https://twitter.com/Anjim1989
  5. cosmicjenny

    My thoughts on Youtubers Unite Facebook Page

    What is Youtubers Unite? well its a youtube community page for vloggers who want to promote their content and meet other youtubers. sounds great! ....yeah, at first. when i first become a member of youtubers unite i was so happy! i really wanted to meet other youtubers and potentially collab...
  6. Jordan Pike

    100 Facebook likes!

    I just hit 100 FB likes on my travel vlog page (Jordan Pike's Travel Vlog). Most of these are real life friends, but it took a few fans to hit that 3 digit mark. :P Honestly, my FB page feels a bit ridiculous at this point. I share everything I post on there to my regular profile page...
  7. darkstarmedia

    Facebook Finally! A Facebook Page!

    Hello, lovelies! I've finally created a Facebook page for my YouTube channel. I'll be sharing my videos, witty anecdotes and stupid puns as and when I think of them. If that sounds alright to you, you can follow me here: http://www.facebook.com/DARKSTARMEDIAUK Thanks a million to anyone who...
  8. Michele Fano

    Facebook Page Collaboration

    Hi there, I started to use Twitter to promote my YouTube channel, my music etc, but I didn't made a Facebook Page, I have only my personal profile on there. So now I'm wondering, Is it worth it? I noticed that Twitter inserts you in a "circuit" and it seems more flexible. :) Plus I was wondering...