1. OpiumSymposium

    External sharing

    I want to discuss the pros and cons of sharing your videos on Facebook. I've been sharing my Tommy Wiseau-related videos in a couple of Facebook groups for fans of The Room. The great thing about it is that my videos get much more views than they normally would but there's a certain disadvantage...
  2. MijacOnAir

    [QUERY]: Organizing Hard Drives after finishing work – How to avoid getting mad to find old projects

    Hi all, After being working for a lot of years editing videos and creating content for YouTube, agencies, social media and different clients plus making personal projects, I would like to reconsider or evaluate the way I am storing my stuff. Here is what I do: in a regular basis, I edit in my...
  3. freppy

    Outdoor recording - what accessories are good?

    I record most of my videos outdoors since I don't really have any good indoor spaces I can record in... I have been using basics so far - my camera (Canon 650D), with a mic (Rhode Videomic Go), and a flexible tripod (Gorillapod). I am looking at improving my setup to try to get better quality...
  4. SeanFace101

    Will TubeBuddy Ever Be On Internet Explorer?

    Does anyone think that at one point TubeBuddy will be able to be used on Internet Explorer? as it currently cant be used and I have to jump onto Chrome for when I'm editing videos, etc.. :P
  5. Scheck

    External Hard Drives, and Managing Files

    Hey folks, I have just finished my third Vlog since my second wind of Vlogging and I've just seen I've used 15GB of data already. Previously, I was travelling lightly, and each time I uploaded a Vlog onto Youtube I would simply delete the original files and start clean. I couldn't carry a Hard...