30 subs in first 2 weeks ! ... is that a lot?

    Hey guys, I started doing Youtube 2 weeks ago and have put out quite some videos so far. yesterday i checked and saw that the 30th person subscribed to me and I was glad :) I have no idea how quick channels gain subscribers so i wanted to ask you how your experiences were so far or what your...

    Joining Fullscreen!

    Hey guys so i applied to fullscreen and they were willing to accept me, but i never confirmed as i looked up a lot of videos and people said don't do it! I did join freedom a few months ago and it did absolutely nothing except instantly take any money i made from ads ....so i left, but i'm...
  3. Michael Lunatic

    My Channel isn't going anywhere?! Help ⊙_⊙

    Hi, me here! Hoping to get advice. I currently have 95 Subscribers although at one point I had 97 Subs. Every new video I upload, I seem to loose a Subscriber, gain 1 and then loose another. It's quite troublesome. My Channel, started off as a Comedy Channel a year ago, but after a while, it...