Michael Lunatic

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Hi, me here! Hoping to get advice. I currently have 95 Subscribers although at one point I had 97 Subs.
Every new video I upload, I seem to loose a Subscriber, gain 1 and then loose another. It's quite troublesome.

My Channel, started off as a Comedy Channel a year ago, but after a while, it changed direction to more Geeky stuff, like filming at Conventions like local Comic-cons ect, where I was getting more views than ever.

I started getting better equipment, better at editing, having more of a direction when going to these with how I engaged with the cosplayer and talent. Well these seem to do well, but I don't get much chance to go to them often enough.

So in between I started unboxing pop culture stuff like Funko Pop!s which you can find a whole ton of at these conventions. They Started of well, got 6 likes in an hour on my first video. Now with getting better equipment, better confidence with talking in front of the camera, The Videos don't seem to attract any attention anymore. I go on other channels of the same category and they are getting tons of hits and comments and I wonder why.

I also still do the adult Comedy series filmed in my friends Octopus Bar, which are hilarious by the way, shame about the filming quality because it's a dark venue but yeah I loose Subscribers on them too.

Last weekend, I gave myself to Jesus after spending time away with my older brother, Jason and wow what an awesome experience that was. I felt connected to my Dad again who I lost at the age of 62 with Cancer. It's an unbelievable experience if you ever get the opportunity you find yourself doing.
So I'm going to leave it in god's hands now but I would also like all you guys to lend a hand and help me out on some advice and support.

Is it me? Does my Channel Suck? Am I using the wrong Tag words? How do I join the right Crowd? How much more advertising do I have to Do?

Any and all advice is appreciated. Thank You! #MichaelLunatic