end screen & annotations

  1. dina

    Multiple end-screen on your video: Too overwhelming?

    hey guys, i am sure not sure about this, i wanted to know if having three(3) to four(4) end-screen on your video is too much, (for those that don't know end-screen are videos that pops up almost at the end of a video). I personally use about 3 to 4 on my videos, not that anyone has complained...
  2. Scoopd

    End screen subscribe advice

    I have added an end screen subscribe but all it does is put my logo in. For folks who are not that Youtube savvy they wouldn't know that logo was encouraging you to subscribe. Is there a way round this? Thanks
  3. HeartbeatPlace

    Other Looking for end screen collaboration

    I manage few channels, which have popular videos. One of them has 2,5M monthly views, another around 300K. Male audience (90%+). I offer end screens in my videos in exchange of yours.
  4. V

    Multi-player board game (like Life) Each space has video. Navigation: Annotations? End screen?

    I'm creating a game (similar to Game of Life) where players take turns rolling a die to see how many spaces they move forward, then they do whatever is marked on that space before then next player takes a turn. Each space has a video, so when they land on that space, they play that video...
  5. Redford1900

    Four months later and I still don't have the "End Screen & Annotations" feature

    Four months ago YouTube created a new "End Screen & Annotations" feature in Video Manager where you can easily and attractively place links to subscribe and put a link to a video. Tim Schmoyer of Video Creators described it in his video "TUTORIAL: How To Use YouTube's New End Card Editor." I...