editing style

  1. Inyx

    Tips on editing?

    Hello, I create unedited and sometimes heavily edited videos, where I turn 1 hour into 15 minutes of funny content. I was wondering if you guys could rate my videos/give me tips on how to improve the way I edit them/how I make them. I usually edit most of my videos the same way, so any tips...
  2. xandru8

    Video Themes

    This question is very important to me because no one really has a concrete answer. The question is: Before making a video or a script or a sketch, where do you look for inspiration, or ideeas better sed, what do you do to get ideeas relevant to what´s "trending" recently ? I mean if its just a...
  3. CubizFIFA

    New Video Editing Style to Keep viewers Watching.

    I make a lot of FIFA 16 Squad Builder videos on my channel, and I was given some advice by a member on YTTalk on how to engage viewers better. He/She told me to play the game highlights with the squad during the video, (instead of at the end) to keep the viewers better engaged and less likely to...