1. Rami Markus

    CPM Drop over 70% and NO MORE Reserved Ads! (Only Auction)

    Okay Now I am really confused. My Avarage CPM is and was always 13$ . Now all Sudden My CPM dropped heavily like over 70% and it continues go down under 3$.I looked whats the reason behind it, The only Ads that are shown on my videos are now only with " Skippable Ads Auction" which is very bad...
  2. Jungle Explorer

    Sudden revenue drop lately ? (all discussion here ONLY)

    Okay. Here is the answer to my own question. I thought I would post this for everyone here that is asking questions. Please pay special attention to the text in RED. The revenue system is not working right now because they are working on it. "Hi YouTube community, We recently posted a...
  3. William Nasa

    Someone help me

    My channel got suspended on 29th of January but it didn't have any copyright or community guidelines issues before the suspension , will my earning be finalized ? It just one of my channel are suspended the rest are okay , last time my small channel got suspended because people flagging it , but...
  4. Alejandro

    Display ads & Skippable video ads CPM Issue

    I am running a prank channel. So my videos has everytime like 50-80K views and every vid has mostly 10K Estimated playbacks.sometimes lower I would like to know why most of my videos has the percentage of like 90% 10% : The Display Ads with ~0,50$ CPM 90% Skippable Ads 6-9$ CPM 10% -->...
  5. M

    232K+ Views And Just $23 Earning What Could Be The Problem ?

    I've This Video With 232K+ Views And Getting Average 10K Views Daily But The Earning Is Just $23.09 Video Length 1:20 Average Views Duration 0:37 What Could The Problem ? Low CPC Keyword or the ads or watchtime ? Any Help Will Be Appreciated :)
  6. KidCom

    Earning abnormaly

    Hi, So probably everyone agrees that CPM is usually significantly lower in January. In my case, it has been cut into less than half. The problem is: it keeps decreasing even though the amount of views per day is increasing and remains bigger compared to previous month. Also, wake up today and...
  7. O

    Will you still receive YouTube Red earnings without subscribing?

    If one does not subscribe to YouTube Red/Google Music will that person still earn YouTube Red earnings?