1. MarleyOkay

    Music Drummer looking for a vocalist or guitarist

    Hey YTtalk! I'm a drummer who has been drumming for four years now. I'm looking for vocalists and guitarists to collab with. I want to do the song Ode To Sleep by twenty one pilots. If you're interested, give me a reply below! Thanks for taking the time to read this. Check out my channel below...
  2. MagikMike

    Music Looking for Singer and Drummer for Metal Cover of Ariana Grande

    Yep, you read that right :P I wanna do a metal cover of Ariana Grande's Side To Side, and I will be playing guitar, bass, and doing the production myself. For the vocals, ideally I'd want someone who can provide gritty cleans if that makes sense, (think like James Hetfield or something) so...
  3. Elaine Yu

    Music Any drummers here for collab?

    Hi, I'm Elaine Yu and I play the piano. I currently have 233 subs and I'm thinking of doing a collab with a drummer and a different singer. I'm waiting for Green Day's Revolution Radio album to be released and then I'll see if I can pick out a song from there. If not, I'll choose a different...
  4. NickAguilla

    iPhone 6s as recording device

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share a trick with you guys about recording with you iPhone. I'm using an iPhone 6s to record drums and I've achieved pretty decent results ! This post is mainly aimed at drummers ! So what I do with the iPhone is, I put a cloth on the bottom of the rim of the back...