1. JustSisterThings

    Sudden drop in views

    Lately I've seen a sudden drop in views on my latest 3 videos. Usually we'll get around 20 to 30 views in 1 day, but now we gotta be happy if there are any views at all, Any idea if there is a change in the algorythm again or something we can do to improve on this? Or any other explanations on...
  2. Jungle Explorer

    Sudden revenue drop lately ? (all discussion here ONLY)

    Okay. Here is the answer to my own question. I thought I would post this for everyone here that is asking questions. Please pay special attention to the text in RED. The revenue system is not working right now because they are working on it. "Hi YouTube community, We recently posted a...
  3. Lightsen

    My Youtube Earnings have dropped! - A Guide

    Something that many new creators face, is the realisation that their earnings will jump and drop at various times of the year for reasons completely separate to their content and views. This guide is to list all the main reasons that you may see jumps and drops in your earnings, so you may...
  4. F

    Help- Sudden Slow Channel Growth?

    Hi, everyone. I have a growing channel that recently hit 400,000 subscribers and then the growth seemed to totally stagnate and I just can't seem to figure it out, and I don't know how concerned I should be. I have months of "massive" growth followed by major slows. Throwing some analytics your...
  5. Cynikal

    Massive Drop in Views/Viewership?

    So I've been posting on this channel for about 4 months now, gained a few good friends and went through some massive changes. Now, most of my subscribers are other youtubers/streamers and all have told me that my videos are awesome and I deserve xxx amount of subscribers. This I find hard to...