dark souls 3

  1. Puck Mitchell

    NOOB and 'PRO' PS4 Dark souls 3 new game area runs

    Alo elo, I wanted to change the title of my previous post, struggled there so reposting! https://www.twitch.tv/thepuckingtonreborn
  2. Puck Mitchell

    DARK SOULS III META lvl Invasions with MIC

    Live right now with mic, lets chat! https://www.twitch.tv/thepuckingtonreborn
  3. Puck Mitchell

    DARK SOULS 3 - live on twitch, playing a pyro scrub!

    Alo Elo guys, I am duel comming with my brother as he plays through his new pyromancer. I assist with commentary but it is him playing. Come join for an hour or so or come check my channel for properly edited content. I will be streaming quite often so follow and keep updated. Generally around...
  4. Puck Mitchell

    A Short And Sweet DARK SOULS 3 battle vs Anri and Horace!

    BOOM Alo elo peopo! I really hope you enjoy this little video where I take on Anri and Horace in New game + I messed up her quest line on my previous run so I decided to just kill them both. Turned out to be an interesting fight - Have a watch!
  5. Puck Mitchell

    I'm streaming Dark Souls 3 PvP on twitch right now!

    Hey guys come check me out on twitch!! https://www.twitch.tv/thepuckingtonreborn
  6. Puck Mitchell

    Youtube channel name // link - HELP

    Alo elo everyone who's clicked. I'm having trouble with my well, banner for a start but also my channel name. My youtube name is infact - ThePuckingtonReborn Yet the link is to a dead channel. I have managed to input the correct url which is the first link available however the second is testing...
  7. Puck Mitchell

    I'll just leave this here shall I? Anyone Love a good mountain?

    Alo elo there one and all. This video I am about to share is one even I come to watch now and again and thank myself for that brief entertainment. This is a commentary of a trip me and my cousin made to our first mountain here in the UK - MT Snowdon. I over-dramatise slightly for effect but I...
  8. Puck Mitchell

    Just a mature but playful commentator/editor looking for love!

    Alo elo there whoever clicked, I make Dark Souls videos if you're a Dark Souls 3 fan. I am PvPer playing through PvE on new game pluss trying to rush my way through the game while having fun along the way I am an intermediate player but I like to try new things often and so I die often so it...
  9. Puck Mitchell

    Boom! Alo Elo, calling Dark Souls (3) fans. Puck - ThePuckington here!

    Hey - ThePuckington Reborn here, call me Puck. So I'm new to this forum and my channel is fairly new also though I have been pumping videos quite often, quality over quantity I say, but consistency is a must in this day and age with as much content flowing around youtube as it is. You are...
  10. Puck Mitchell

    Hey, an intermediate editor looking for eagle eyes!

    Alo elo peeps, second post. I'm doing well! So, I have been editing for a while with Sony Vegas Pro and would like anyone really to review the edits, let me know what you think! I play Dark Souls 3 so preferably a fan also! Don't hold back, honestly. Any harsh feedback will go over my head but...
  11. Saddy

    Dark Souls 3 - WAY TOO INTENSE! - Ep 1

    Hope you guys enjoy! spread the love!!
  12. Justine

    I GOT JUMPED | Dark Souls 3

    So yeah. I played Dark Souls again for the first time in months and I got jumped.....this game fuels my anger and rage.
  13. Scrubs Ahoy

    Scrubs Ahoy's New Gaming Channel!

    Hello everybody, we are Scrubs Ahoy! We're fairly new to youtube as creators, but have been part of the fan base for a while, and felt it was time to add our own videos for all to see. Scrubs Ahoy is made of Jork and Chrus; two silly english boys with a love for gaming. We upload various...
  14. Theo2max

    Game of Nopes

    So Game of Thrones is back and I'm so happy that I get to watch it again but what if I was to live there? Well that's a never that situation.
  15. Onister Gaming

    I Need Your Help!

    Plz watch all of it i really do need help
  16. Justine

    MAD SWEDISH MAN | Dark Souls 3

    The first boss in Dark Souls 3 is a p****d off Swedish statue of liberty and its perfect.
  17. Ben Hands

    Dark Souls 3 (Part #2) (PS4) - TAKE A GANDER - BigBadBen

    ➤ JOIN ME! - http://goo.gl/aLHrcV Hello ladies and gentlemen! I'm BigBadBen! I'm the artist by day and the gamer by night! SMASH THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON WITH A HAMMER! New videos every week! Join me as we continue through the HELL that is Dark Souls 3! Today I attempt to get through the High...
  18. Grizzly Guernsey Gamer

    DARK SOULS 3 | Grizzly Review

    Hey guys! After battling my way through all of Dark Souls 3's bosses, locales and hurdles I give my account of the game of the year dedicated to making you tear your hair out! In this review I talk about it as a Veteran to the Souls series but I also give an idea of what new players to the...
  19. SirErikTheThird

    Gaming Dark Souls 3 Collab on PS4

    Hey there, I am looking for a collab on PS4 Dark Souls 3 is a game where you can talk about alot of stuff. And you can do some online multiplayer! If you are in just write me a massage!
  20. WaffleDrone

    Looking for a review, thank you everyone in advance :)

    So yesterday was my first day uploading after stockpiling on videos for a while since I'm a college student, I make daily gameplay videos and I am currently playing Dark Souls 3 on there as well as Metro 2033 Redux, for the most recently recorded videos check out the dark souls ones :) that's...
  21. Chaz

    Rise Of Entus! (Dark Souls 3 Part 1)

    What is the one video game you shouldn't play if you are garbage at every other single game? Dark Souls 3 of course! I played it anyways though so give it a watch and stuff if you want.
  22. Justine

    MISTAKES AHEAD | Dark Souls 3

    Hey Guys! I decided to upload this a day early because oh boy....this games tough. I bought Dark Souls 3 and I can already tell, we're gonna suffer throughout this....lets get to it. Make sure to leave a like if you enjoyed watching me suffer!
  23. James Azurin

    HOLY SH**, The Dark Souls 3 hype is real.

    This game is shaping up to be phenomenal.