1. Davetp

    Request Needing a New Intro for my Brand New Show (Dave & Co)

    Hey Guys its me Davetp, and I have a request for you guys. I am currently working on a brand new show called: Dave & Co where I along with several 'characters' (also played by me) will be involved in several sketches all related to a common theme, However my skills are in Graphic Design not...
  2. darkstarmedia

    Underrated YouTubers?

    I'm pretty sure, if prompted, we could make an extensive list of YouTubers we feel are "overrated", who don't live up to the hype surrounding them, all that nonsense. But I'm not here to talk about that. I want positivity! We've all (probably) subscribed to someone who makes groundbreaking...
  3. L

    Request YouTube Video Intro

    Hello! I'm Looking for an Intro for my new YouTube channel. I was able to make a banner and logo for my channel, but try my might, I'm hopeless at making Intros! This is why I've created this post, in the hope that someone can help me. I would happily credit you on my channel and I would be...
  4. DJ Xfinity

    Request (Free) Looking for a cool Intro for my gaming channel

    hey guys I was wondering if someone can make me a short intro identical to youtubers like Xaro and others. (Search for Xaro to know what type of intro I want :3) I can give credit for the person that makes me it, my gaming channel is called GD Espeon and It's new but Everyone just calls me...
  5. X

    Making videos with copyrighted songs

    Hello! I want to start a non-profit channel just for entertainment purposes, with my videos containing copyrighted songs. They would be something like music videos but in my case a copyrighted song would be just accompanying the story I shot to convey my point (for some reason I can't post a...