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    This took about 3 weeks of on and off editing.
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    Do the roarintosh plus

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    crackbots cut

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    Need to know if i can use a song

    Im working on a video where a song from the game fallout 3 is being used. Its not the full song and im not making any money whatsoever off of it, so i was wondering if it would be all right to use, or if i should just put a new song in before i get into some copyright BS.
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    [bass boosted remix] Kelpy G

    So i re-did this so there was a lot more bass.
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    [bass boosted] Kelpy G

    nevermind, had to make some changes
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    Just a short clip i decided to make.
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    In need of song

    I need a song that i can use in a video. Needs to kinda be fast, maybe a little jazzy, and you somewhat can tell when the notes are being played. Im using the song for a ytpmv that i want to make. If you don't know what a ytpmv is, look it up, they're pretty entertaining.
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    [re] The flan effect

    Since the other video of mine got all messed up, i fixed it, and reuploaded a non messed up one.
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    The Flan Effect

    go to my other post, it has the new updated, non screwed video
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    The Garfluid Experiment.

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    youtube poop

    So i haven't seen anybody who does ytp here for the entire time ive been here, and i was just wondering if anyone here does. Has anyone here ever done ytp? also if your bored, what are your thoughts on those types of videos? i personally love them.
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    JoeysWorldTour: What is Life?

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    Getting Top Comment On a Popular Video

    So recently i commented on a video that at the time of me typing this has 1,750,584 views. My comment at the moment has 655 likes... and thats the only time ive ever gotten top comment on a popular video. Ive been hyped about it ever since, and most of the people i told, didn't give a s***. so...
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    JoeysWorldTour: Wasabi Breakdown

    why do i still do this?
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    1K views and 30 Subs!

    My channel has been growing quite a bit recently, and I am currently at 1.05k views and reached 30 Subs (currently at thirty one) and boy, it feels good.
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    The Vomit Song

    youre welcome
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    Made another video.
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    Worst type of Videos/Channels

    So this is gonna kinda be a rant type of thread where, if you want, you can discuss the worst type of channels. Given that my channel is already pretty horrible, lets try and call out some other people, channels, or videos. Now for the videos i hate/dislike/ or that annoy the hell out of me...
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    Remix/YTP/MLG/Dank memes.

    First off I'm not sure if this is in the right sub forum, so if it isnt, please move it to the correct one. Alright now into the post. I'm always looking for new channels. Especially ones with dank memes/YTP style of videos etc. So if you think you have an ok channel that has some memes...
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    How to draw hank hill easiest way tutorial

    longest video by a longshot. good video though.
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    Trumps Trip

    This was my first time using sony vegas, and i really f****d it up i think... it is also one of the longest videos ive made too. oh and it has donald trump in it...
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    How to draw the cool aid man.

    tell me what you think? too fast? terrible? goood? (this video was not meant to be taken seriously by the way)
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    What should my next video be?

    So with my channel it can basically be almost anything (except gaming) Most of my videos are just making fun of other videos by either remixing the n other stuff, adding dank memes into them or green screen FX. something like youtube poop or MLG montage. B UU TTTTT i do have some...
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    What do you think? I need some type of feedback

    ***WARNING, MY VIDEOS WILL PROBABLY ALL SUCK TO YOU*** -but hey, why not check it out and give me feedback? i mean, it cant be that bad, can it? -this will probably be my only feedback thread ever, unless i think i improve IMMENSELY. well here are some questions i have: How horrible is my...
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    400 views and almost 20 subscribers

    Just announcing that i somehow got 400 views and im one away from 20 subscribers (yes im aware that that is an extremely low amount of both)... so yeah, my videos suck and i still got some sort of "viewage" so if you think you wont get any views whatsoever just give it some time... i mean look...