1. T

    Content-ID Check Tool?

    Hello. I remember years ago when that German late-night talker "Böhmermann" insulted Erdogan, I immediately got a strike after a private upload of the poem. Real blockings by the German Public TV are actually not common. A responsible person...
  2. H


    Hi I am new to YouTube and I want to post videos around 30 minutes long. In the videos I would like to insert full length musical video clips, and discuss between them. For example, I could insert a full length Metallica video clips and have a discussion after it played. I don't want to have...
  3. MacroShire

    Compilation Videos

    Is it possible to make a compilation video such as "Top 10 ...." from others standard "None CC" videos ? because i heard that i can use a 10 second cut of other peoples videos in my video , is that really legit?
  4. FaPN

    Why am I still getting copyrights alerts on my videos while I'm doing parodies ?

    Hey guys I create parodies using Tom and Jerry videos and everytime I upload a video I get a copyright claim ( from WBTV the owners of Tom and Jerry TV ) . I know that uploading cartoon videos ( which belong to big companies ) is not allowed on youtube but I'm making parodies so it's a fair use...