Content-ID Check Tool?

Tobias Claren

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Dec 11, 2022
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I remember years ago when that German late-night talker "Böhmermann" insulted Erdogan, I immediately got a strike after a private upload of the poem.
Real blockings by the German Public TV are actually not common. A responsible person even said once on TV that all citizens are allowed to upload content everywhere.
But he said that in defiance when publishers enforced a 7-day rule in court.
Now content from public broadcasters must be deleted after 7 days.
Every homeowner or apartment owner has to pay around $18 per month. Forced.

Has that changed on YouTube?
I didn't even want to publish at the time, just have subtitles generated through YouTube. I had deliberately preset "Private" before.

How to currently check videos to see if a Content ID exists, and what consequences it triggers?

* No Content-ID.
* Content ID, no consequences for the account, but the video or parts of it in a video of mine cannot be monetized.
* ?!?

Do you know these notices?:
* "Copyrighted content was found. The copyright owner allows the content to be used on YouTube."

* "The Content ID claim made on your video does not affect your channel. So your account will not receive a copyright warning."

What do they mean?
No monetization possible if I include 55s of it in a video of 30, 40, 50, 60 minutes?
What triggers the content ID check?
These 55s are only two physicists who say that they consider the handling of the science community and society with the topic of UFOs to be malicious and a danger to democracy.
It is not enough if I remove the sound, is it?
E.g. by running the video with automatic subtitles (the docu can already be seen in full in another YouTube account), running screen recorder, and then use it that way. And then speak along with the text.
Or does that also make monetization impossible 0_o?

I would like to use around 12min from an episode "Dimension PSI" (English version "5th Dimension") of ARD (first German TV, Public, Billion budget).
There are YouTuber who react complete documentaries of the German public TV stations. That is not impossible.
But even there I want to check for the episode of this docu-series if and which content ID data is stored.
Check it out, you can also find some copies of the English version on YouTube.

#1, Mysterious powers
#2, Exorcism
#3, Telepathy
#4, Death experience
#5, Rebirth
#6, ghosts

I also want to use up to 15s from an episode of "Expedition X" by Josh Gates.
The pictures where "Khao Kala" members allegedly make telepathic contact with aliens.
In Germany it is allowed to use a maximum of 15s from a work free of charge and without citing the source. I would still give the source.
It would also be interesting for the viewers.