1. Boggen Bupis

    Services Logos for shoutouts!!

    I do logos but only with letters I'm not good with animation. I like to do simple clean cut logos with minimal colors. I will do a logo for a shoutout but only if you have around 30+ subs so I can get a return. If you do not have 30+ subs we can maybe work something out. To contact me faster my...
  2. Mattaxol

    Accents (and how they affect Entertainment)

    Alright, I know, I made a post like this a few months ago, but I didn't quite get the asnwer I wanted, Okay? So, I'm back, again... lol. I wanted to ask you guys simply about your opinion on the New Zealand accent.. I'm pretty sure it was voted the world's most ugly accent, I don't remember...
  3. George Tb

    Gaming LETS GROW! - PS4 COLLABS!

    Hey guys I've been on Youtube for a little bit now but I was very start stop starts stop, but now its time to get serious! I've been focusing for a few months on twitch and gathered over 1500 followers and I'm hoping to bring them all across to Youtube. I currently have close to 500 subs and...
  4. Yusef472

    While editing have you ever paused on a cool frame accidentally?

    I paused on this frame from of a video I was editing and thought it was pretty cool. What are some things you guys have paused on that look funny/cool/unusual? eg- pausing a vlog when you were halfway through a yawn only to find a hilarious looking face staring back at you.
  5. Evan Helbling

    Larry The Magnificent! - Audition Video

    With the help of two clothing items and black face paint, i was able to create a genius character, enjoy!
  6. PIXRO The Awesome

    HEY I HAVE MORE THAN 200 Veiws!!!

    Hey Guys I would just like to announce that my channel has had a nice little boom of views, although it isn't a lot... H
  7. Shadow Major


    Hi there guys, I hope you all have had a good start to the new year, please check out my latest video where I try to answer the age old question... what is the difference between an amateur and a professional magician?
  8. L

    Posted First Video/ New Years Resolutions Advice??

    Hey guys Would really appreciate some feedback :)
  9. Shadow Major

    WILL YOU BET ON BLACK? Interactive magic trick

    Watch me mix all the cards, lay out six of them, you pick one, and I'll guess which one is yours! IT WORKS EVERY TIME! Tell my what you guys think, and how well it worked on you :)
  10. Manly Madness

    Feedback Please :)

    I would appreciate if you could give me some feedback on my channel... I will be happy to hear anything
  11. Djopat Rey

    Check It out!!!!