1. BestNerdLife

    Attending Warped Con 2019!

    I have been to quite a few comic cons in my time, but never to one in a semi-professional manner. Until now! Thanks to the generous organizers of Warped Con 2019, I managed to get a Creator Pass for a single day of that event when I applied for one on their website.
  2. B

    Meet Up/Gathering Who's going to VidCon 2019 (US) and would like to hangout?

    Title says it all, my friends. I'm flying out to Cali next week for VidCon and, unfortunately, I won't have a companion to join me for it (everyone is too busy or just thinks VidCon is stupid). So, I was just wondering if any of you are going too and would like to chill?
  3. The Vlog Summit

    The Vlog Summit

    i am throwing a social media convention for vloggers Aug 25-26th 2018 at the San Diego convention center. We are still looking for sponsors, booth vendors, and featured Vloggers. We know this is not the first of its kind but we are focusing on gaming, beauty, and family vlogging with some...
  4. sparkthedarkness

    Gaming Is anyone going to metrocon in tampa tomorrow?

    I'll be going all four days of the con and hope to see all of you there (or any at all)
  5. wabz

    Meet Up/Gathering New York Comic Con Brooklyn Defender Launch Party

    Any fellow New Yorkers attending the NYCC/Brooklyn Brewery Defender Party? I went last year for the first time and cosplayed as a sheep, it was a lot of fun. If there are any YouTubers going to this or even New York Comic Con 2016, please message me or reply to this thread. I'd love to make more...
  6. darkstarmedia

    Summer in the City 2016!

    So, SitC (the UK's largest YouTube event) is about a month away! For those not in the know, it's being hosted at the ExCeL Centre in London from the 12th - 14th August. The 12th is a Creator Day designed to help you network with other creators and improve your own channel. On the 14th, there's...
  7. Z

    Meet Up/Gathering List All The Annual Youtube Conventions That You Know!!

    I want to start attending Youtube conventions to meet up with many youtubers. Besides PlayList Live, Vidcon, and Stream Con. Are there any other Youtube conventions that people come to every year?
  8. Kanashimi

    Going To Youmacon? I Am, Too! Here's My Schedule

    I dunno if any of you guys are heading to Youmacon in Detroit, Michigan this Halloween, but if so I hope to see ya! This will be the fourth year the convention has invited my company and I out. I'm very excited for all the fans, cosplay, general goofiness, and late night parties.