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    commentary video ideas

  2. Justine

    SSSniperwolf: The Professional Victim

    I'm finally back from the dead and decided to make a commentary video on my favorite gaming channel on youtube: SSSniperwolf. I personally don't like her content but seeing how she treats other people, especially during live streams and on twitter/Instagram, really makes me wonder if she's...
  3. Justine

    Buzzfeed HATES Video Games

    So, Buzzfeed came out with a video around a year ago where feminists/SJW's played Grand Theft Auto 5 for the first time and oh's golden and we're gonna talk about it. As if this subject hasn't been beaten to death already. As always, thank you so much for checking out this thread and...
  4. Justine


    So for those of you who don't check out Tumblr for Overwatch fan art on a daily basis like me, you probably never noticed that theres a girl who loves to spam her selfies and booty pics on the tag while also promoting her youtube channel with these pictures. I decided to finally talk about her...
  5. Justine

    Daddyofive Abuse | Overwatch Gameplay

    I honestly hate posting my nongameplay related commentary in the gameplay tag, but there's some Overwatch in the background for you guys to enjoy while we discuss a pretty serious topic (also I don't know where else to post this so aye kill me pls). Today we're talking about a more serious...
  6. Justine

    OVERWATCH IS SEXIST (totally not clickbait)

    Okay, I know my name for the video is clickbait, but stay with me because we're gonna be debunking a really stupid claim from Tumblr saying that Overwatch is indeed sexist in todays video! Thanks for taking some time to check out this thread and video! If you have any feedback or wanna talk...
  7. Justine

    PEWDIEPIE IS A NAZI?! | Overwatch Gameplay

    Except he isn't. He really isn't you guys. Before anyone kills me, yes I will have a straight up gameplay video up tomorrow, I swear, but for now I wanna leech off a trending topic that I actually really care about, and that's regarding wether or not Pewdiepie is antisemetic. This is a touchy...