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  1. O

    commentary video ideas

  2. Sinser

    I Need Commentary Ideas

    If anybody would like to help just post commentary ideas below and I'd really appreciate it because I'm have a hard time thinking of ideas to talk about. (Ideal topic length about 6 minutes)
  3. Kousuke-shii

    Question for Commentators! Scripts or No scripts?

    So, I've started to do commentary videos on my channel. Not the type that has a game playing on the background but the one with tons of editing. (Idk how to explain it just check it out?) So here are the questions... Do you write scripts then follow those scripts while recording your audio? Or...
  4. Tyhd

    Commentary Channel Review

    I would like to get someone's honest opinion about my channel from my editing and my commentary style to the look of my channel, any tips are appreciated, other than of course "you should upload more" I get that quite often haha. My channel focuses mainly on commentaries and the gameplay is...
  5. Shehzad

    How I Manage Consistent Commentaries - Black Ops 3 Live Commentary

    What's up guys bringing you a commentary on how I am able to manage consistent commentaries without ever missing a day of my scheduled uploads. This is how I come up with ideas so that I don't have to rush my videos. Watch to be informed and It may help you if too.