1. Ccc

    How To Rent Property In London

  2. B

    Comedy Short animation skits

    I make short comic animation skits and I'm looking to collaborate with fellow creators but ultimately with anybody. I need Ideas for future content, or maybe voice actors for videos.
  3. Buck

    Request Looking for cartoon/comic artist for YT banner and Avatar. (paid)

    Hi There, I am looking to sort of brand my channel a little bit. I am aiming to find a comic/cartoon style artist to draw a few cartoon/comic images of me so I can work them into my avatar and YouTube Banner. If you are interested let me know and show me previous work, I will get back to...
  4. javacentral

    Feedback on a Superhero that runs on coffee?

    So I didn't really get this idea just from my vast googling use. It came to me from a wonderful person on one of the facebook groups I'm on and really exploded from there. I really did like doing this because I did it in a similar style to the Comicstorian. I would love any feedback you may or...
  5. sphamedia

    The best comic you've never read

  6. Jacadamia

    Second Video Slump?

    So I wrote the script for my second video, and went to record the audio for it. However, it... didn't go so well? For some reason, it feels like the second video is even harder to get right. I want to improve on my videos (or... er, video) while still keeping what made the first one likeable and...
  7. C

    Even I think my video is kinda weird

    Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to youtube, and I only started because I had a bunch of weird ideas for videos stuck in my head. I just decided to go for it, and that's how my first video was made. I'd love to get some feedback, here's the link: Thanks everyone.
  8. Anjim

    Support Small Youtubers Project

    Any small Youtubers might ask this question. Is Youtube talking away views and subs? Do I feel like giving up because of this? Will I get notice and make this to a full-time job? I know there is no tool or sponsorships to help small Youtuber grow. I don't want to feel divided and I want to...
  9. and_the-teddy_bach

    London Comic Con Short Movie

  10. ComicDj

    Meet Up/Gathering Central Texas Collab

    hey everyone, I am seeking other comic book/anime/manga youtubers that have 300 + subs in the central texas area. Please do not hit me up if you do not have 300 +. Thanks!
  11. ComicDj

    Other Comic Book Channel seeking Collab!

    Hello everyone, I am seeking another comic book/ super hero channel to collab with. I currently had 439 subs and I am looking to collab with another channel with 300 + subs. I have extremely high energy and I would like to collab with something with a similar passion as myself. If you cover...
  12. Saiko+ LA

    Other Saiko+ wants to feature YOU!

    Good day! I am Lea Cedeno, the Youtube Manager of Saiko+. Are you YouTuber inclined in making videos everything related to Games, Comic, Anime, Manga and Cosplay, AMV's and Nightcore, Fan Made Movies and Stop Motion Animations? Then you are perfect for us! [Edited by Staff] We are very...
  13. Saiko+ LA

    Animation Looking for Collaborations - Anime, Manga, Music, Cosplay, Comic and Games

    Good day! I am Lea Cedeno, the Youtube Manager of Saiko+. [Edited by Staff] We are very interested in collaborating with other Youtubers and their channels. We already have a well established platforms like Facebook Page, Twitter and our own Website and we are willing to promote you and your...