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  1. PaulSaladbar

    Gaming Looking for a collab group long-term or one night stand is cool ya know?

    Hey everyone my name is Paul, I'm 19 and one of the owners of the channel "ChronicBS". We do gaming and a few extra things on the side but, for the most part gaming. We do both streaming and recording PS4/PC. I currently run 3 channels including this one, one where I upload music videos I make...
  2. ChillKing

    Gaming Channel collab for PC.

    soooo, started my channel a week ago and i am looking for a bunch of guys ( 17 and above) to record with me. the requirements are as follows: 1- must be 17 years or older 2- must have decent microphone 3- must be funny and talks alot but no racist jokes ( CONTENT SON) 4- have CSGO, garry's mod...
  3. Rokymori

    Gaming Gaming Collaborations

    Description: I'm looking for others to collaborate with on certain games. I do plan on editing and posting the collaborations if they go well. If you meet the requirements below, just reply to the thread and ill try to respond as fast as I can. Also, I only play on PC. Requirements: Ages: 14 -...
  4. RenOperative

    Gaming My final collaboration search for passionate gamers to join a gaming group, gaming podcast or both

    Welp as the title suggests this is it. I think this will be the last search I probably ever do on here as my group is starting to wind down on searches for unique gamers that fit the bill with the description. If you want to search us up on YouTube just look for "The Co-Operative Experience."...
  5. MADR77

    Gaming Looking for People to do YouTube Mentions with

    Hey everyone my channel name is Workshop Wonders, where my goal is to play community maps from the Steam workshop with my friends and just have a fun time in general. In order to get more exposure, I am hoping to gather some people who are willing to participate in some YouTube mentions in their...
  6. ConnerLoweShow

    Gaming Collabs

    Looking for a gamer to collab with. PS4 and needs to be 13 or 14 like me
  7. FLYOX


    I can collab on FIFA 16, GTA V AND BO3. Dm me on YouTube or hit me up on here. I have a 68 subs and im 13 so as long as your relatively in the same age group as me and have a similar amount of subs, i'm down to collab!
  8. TheKillaaah

    Gaming Looking for someone to collab with on PS4 & PC (200+ Subs)

    PLS NO LITTLE KIDS OR SQUEAKY VOICES LOL I want to collab with someone that is Chill Af. Must be at least 14+ years i guess but i dont want to play with little kid screaming into their mic with a squeaky voice lol. It doesn't matter if you have a funny or weird laugh because i do too, I can...
  9. DennyGaming

    Gaming COLLABORATION (0 - 100 subs)

    Hello, all! I am pretty new to YT and I need a skilled partner to come and record with me! I would like the subs to be a little low, so we can grow our channels together. I'm not looking for a collab for just one video, but multiple! I will promise not to bug you :P All I ask is for ...
  10. Eyezak

    Gaming Looking for PC Gaming Collaborations

    Hi, I'm looking for PC Gaming people to collaborate with for my second channel, I have 700+ subscribers on main channel (Which is a Minecraft Channel), with my second channel already up to around 40 subscribers, I plan on posting other games on there. Also, for the people wondering my age, I'm...