channel intro

  1. L

    My first video

    Hey guys, I am completely new to YT talk so I am hopefully posting in the right category here. I started my YT gaming channel a couple days ago. I am streaming on Mixer and wanted to do highlight videos on YT for some more traffic. This morning I created a channel Intro video so people get a...

    Introduction to my channel! COMMANDER VLOGS!

    Join me on this journey called life. On this VLOG channel. I film my life, my dog, my friends, my neighbor Cheryl & more. I'm always trying to do cool and unique things to entertain you. Here's my Intro Video!
  3. Cam Kirkham

    Request Video Intro needed! You will be shouted out to over 10,000 people pm

    How would it feel to have your name shouted out to over 10,000 people per month? Hi there, I'm currently in seek of an intro for my videos! I know a lot of you guys are fantastic at this sort of stuff and a lot better than me. I will link your name in every video which will rapidly boost the...
  4. M

    Channel trailer thoughts?

    Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to the YouTube community.. I have posted about 5 videos so far and I thought it was about time I made a channel trailer for new viewers. Most I've seen are about a minute long but mine is almost 3, I'm thinking about making a new one, something shorter and more...
  5. TruVetCommando

    What makes a good gaming channel intro?

    Hi Everyone I am quite new to YT. What makes a good gaming channel intro? I tried to keep it short , with come of the gameplay from my actual games covering the genres covered on the channel.Please let me know your thoughts on my channel trailer.
  6. Scott Bowes

    Channel Introduction

    So decided to make a new channel introduction video to try and entice non subscribed youtubers to subscribe to me, it includes excerpts from previous vlogs and I would love to know peoples opinions
  7. Altairsfriend

    Hello Everyone! We are back from a small hiatus with a new video for review!

    This video will be our new channel introduction, and we could use some feedback on this short video. Basically does is make you want to check out some of our other videos? If not, why is that? if it does, what makes you want to? Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks!
  8. CyberunHD

    Reworked intro part 2!!

    Hey guys, last week i posted my intro video and asked for honest feedback, and i thank you all for contributing, the main feedback i got was the lack of enthusiasm in my voice, so iv'e posted my reworked intro, and again, i would be so grateful for your honest feedback good or bad.. Thanks...
  9. Lavinia Lahrese

    Request [Free] Intro to Channel

    Hey guys! Does anyone know of a really great place/person that can make preferably free/cheap channel intros? I would like one with music too- no longer than 3-5 seconds.. Thanks a milli!! :D
  10. Formal Fox Productions

    Formal Fox Productions Channel Introduction

    Hi guys. Here's the channel intro for Formal Fox Productions. Cheers.
  11. Ans Marie

    Request Channel Trailer and Video Intro Needed

    At the moment I do not have a channel trailer or intro for my videos. I would love to have so help creating ideas and animations for these projects. If you want to check out what types of videos I make here is my channel To contact me my twitter, and instagram are...
  12. FraYoshi

    Channel Intro - Explanation

    In this intro I explain my channel's Home-Page :rolleyes: