1. PhysicsFreak101

    100 YTtalk Cash!

    With this post comes 100 YTtalk cash, which I have been working towards since October. I hope that my posts have been of use to you all, and I personally am very excited for the feature to embed your videos into your post, and to be able to post in the Videos & Channels section. Hopefully, I can...
  2. I

    the network partner ifreezone

    Hi guys I have a youtube channel linked with a network partner call "ifreezone", the partner send my money without any problem for 1 year , but the last 15 days she didn't send me anything and also the monetezation are disabled from my channel , i think ifreezone is a thief , what d u think...
  3. SeanFace101

    Does Google Pay Well?

    My channel / account has the monetizing video not allowed so i was wondering how well they actually pay channel owners for the ads they display on their videos? :P Got me wondering how much i could have earned. :P Also, would you say Google pays better than other services that pay you to...
  4. AJ Bruh

    Request [YTtalk Cash] Need Channel Banner and Logo (shoutout and yttalk cash)

    I'm looking for a simple channel banner and a channel logo; something bright and creative as well. Add me on skype or I'll add you!
  5. AJ Bruh

    Request (FREE/ YTTALK CASH) Could somebody help make me a simple logo/banner?

    I just need a simple logo and banner and would really like the help of someone with experience! Add me on skype or I'll add you :D
  6. xi iLLtaLent ix

    Request Logo Banner and thumbnail's needed...

    I am in need of the listed above items. Have paypal, Looking for Quick professional person/company. Im not 12 w/ moms cc LOL sorry had to do it! COD only if your good you can leave your logo on items