1. O

    Please review my YouTube Channel & give your honest feedback & suggestions.

    This is a new YouTube channel & I don;t have much experience in creating videos or writing scripts. But I found the content funny, I'm just not sure if people will also find it funny. Here is a link to my channels: Please check it out & share your valuable...
  2. fartoons

    I've Had a YouTube Channel Since 2005...

    Hi, I started a YouTube channel in 2005 (if my memory is correct). I have gone through a lot since then. Back in 2007 my channel was removed and I can't even remember why. So from 2007-2019 I had a little over a million views and around only 1,200 subscribers. Then I removed all of my videos...
  3. buzzcuts

    10 Movies with the Most Animated Sequels - 182 Movies?!

  4. buzzcuts

    6 Surprisingly Scary Horror Cartoons & Kids Shows

  5. buzzcuts

    Did Ren & Stimpy Warn Us that John Kricfalusi was a Predator?

    Bit of a controversial one by my standards...wanted to tackle the hot-button topic of the sexual harassment allegations against John Kricfalusi, the creator of Ren and Stimpy.
  6. buzzcuts

    8 Bizarre Kids Shows from Canada

  7. Courtney Candice

    Remembering my childhood 90s cartoons

  8. Courtney Candice

    Remembering my childhood/ 90s cartoons

  9. Jack Swish


    Hello, One of the things on my bucket list is to voice a cartoon character- If any of you are doing an animation where I could voice a character- I would love it! I'll make a video about it and get my fans to check out the cartoon too. Hit me up & help me do one of my dreams. Thanks, Jack
  10. zenhuxtable

    'sup, dudes. i'm a slowly growing anime/cartoon review channel, and i need your help.

    so, there's not much to it. I'm a content creator with what i believe is decent content. My channel's name is Zen huxtable. so, there's two things i'd like to ask. One, an honest opinion of my channel, and two, tips on how to grow my channel quicker. thank you in advance!
  11. Jacadamia

    Review my New Animation Channel?

    Hey Everyone! So, uh, I just uploaded my first video yesterday after a month's worth of work on it, and feedback of any kind would be amazing! It's an animation channel inspired by TheOdd1sOut and other youtubers in that style, however i am thinking of also making small animated shorts and...
  12. Jamie Taylor

    Steven Universe - The Progressive Cartoon(ft.Flash Cake)

    Steven Universe in undoubtedly one of the greatest cartoons to date. With adventures that are incredibly beautiful and disastrous bonds between the main characters with the deceased. One of the biggest animations to push for acceptance and creativity.
  13. Jenni Nexus

    Milestones :-)

    Hi friends - just thought I'd chime in with some milestones I'm kinda proud of: Broke 3800 subs on my main channel recently - woo hoo! Broke 200 subs on my fashion-based DIYwithJenni channel Got my audio setup configured to accommodate voice acting.. made a new Playlist: Voice Acting ★ Jenni...
  14. Jenni Nexus

    Voice Acting Deep Female VA available for collaborations :-)

    Hi friends. I've been building my skills & wearing many hats, especially in the last few years. While I'm a beginner in many areas, I've had a handful of opportunities to voice act in animations & indie games last year, and I'm open to contributing to various projects sometimes, and getting...