cartoon animator

  1. Tobe Gaming

    Request Gaming Youtube Channel Request.

    Afternoon guys... brand new to the forum... I am Tobey, 28 and from the UK. I'm married and have two kids. I am starting a gaming YouTube channel and would love some help with some graphics... (Banner, Thumbnail and Intro/Outro video) I will try to explain what I'm after... BANNER.. A police...
  2. Raging Taurus

    Request Looking for a really good artist who can make a cartoon channel art and cartoon thumbnails

    I really need help, so if you are willing to make stuff for me, message me on twitter and we will talk about payment.
  3. anNiallation

    The a**e Tree (ANIMATED SHORT)

  4. Worldofpossible

    Request Looking for Cartoon Animator for Video Intro

    Hi, I am looking for cartoon animator do an intro for my future videos. I have concept art in mind and would like to hear you. I course would like to take a look at your portfolio before hand and then we can get into discussing the details.