capture card

  1. JVC

    How do you use a capture card to record android games ?

    Yo Guys I hoped maybe one of you can give me advice on the topic how to record your Android with a capture card (Most likely elgato HD 60 or S ). Please enjoy your day :)
  2. YardieGyalGames

    Editing, Recording and Computer advice

    Hey everyone! So i'm currently making my youtube videos using the resourses that I have and i can make "okay" videos but i would like to make amazing videos with high quality. The computer i own now is an old 2007 acer desktop and there are a lot of programs that i cant even run on it because of...
  3. The GMan

    Capture Card, which one?

    Hey everyone, I wanted to start recording from the consoles and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a capture card? I used to have a Hauppauge HD PVR, but I found it bulky and it doesn't have HDMI input our output from what I remember, I think the PVR2 has it though. I was looking at...
  4. B

    Looking for a better Capture Card for PS4 videos

    I'm tired of the 15 minute limit that the internal capture card a PS4 can do. I want to be able to record much longer and have more than enough time to do all of my necessary editing. But I also need it compatible with my PS4 (and SHAREfactory). It also needs to be compatible with my setup (I...
  5. TTC

    Gaming Looking for COD Gameplay!

    Im looking for some call of duty gameplay to make some commentaries, this can be on any call of duty :), im looking to post some videos on my channel ( Symbol Of Rhiannon, currently at 192 subs while typing this ) im currently saving for a cature card but im looking to start as soon as possible...