1. The Red Panda

    Voice Acting Need Voice Actor!!!

    I need one voice actor to play a Black Mother. She will say 2 to 3 lines. Not paid but will get voice credit.
  2. bluidguy

    Hitfilm 4 Express double transitions

    In HitFilm 4 Express, if you accidentally put two full Linear Wipe Transitions, you get the effect of a black screen being wiped between the two clips. I ended up watching several videos and basically with the help of someone else I was posting back and forth with on a Facebook group pretty much...
  3. RayKing45

    My YTtalk Debute

    Okay, I'll be a brave soul and just hope nobody loses their minds about me or my channel. I'm doing this, to perhaps give others courage to do the same. I can see why people like myself may be undercover on this site, but I'm just not a closet type of guy. Yes, I have seen plenty crap-talk...
  4. RayKing45

    My Journey ... No Haters, Please!

    This is the 2nd vid on my channel (1st is in my signature), and although there are people running all over YTtalk who are phobic and love to voice their opinions, I'm going to take a chance and put mine in here. I can't even find this topic on YTtalk, so I'll be a pioneer and a risk-taker...
  5. Jawad Soomro


    Did you ever wonder "WHY DO BANANAS TURN BLACK?" So soon? So faster? Why? Here are the top 3 reasons that influence the darkening of the BANANAS.
  6. G-Legend

    Gaming Looking for a gaming commentator to collab with

    I play BO3 and Destiny and am a commentator on the Youtube space. Also I play Battlefield 1 or Titanfall 2 (when they come out). I make informative videos to help others become better players. I'm trying to find someone who makes similar content and wants to collab on one or a few videos. Maybe...
  7. Ascriva

    Feedback on my logo and banner

    I just finished creating my channels logo and profile banner. Would love to know your thoughts on the new design!!!!
  8. B

    Request [Paid] Icon and background

    I'm looking for an artist to create a cartoonish icon of a brown grizzly bear head and possible a background with the same image and colour theme. My channels main colour is red and black, so any red and black integration would be good. But over all I'm just looking for something that would suit...
  9. Gameoverjack


    This is GOJ DESIGN'S Call Of Duty BO3 YOUTUBE/TWITCH BANNER, LOGO AND TWITTER HEADER for you guys to use in your youtube/twitch channels !!! And its free !!! LEAVE A COMMENT IF YOU WANT THE BANNER !!!
  10. Average Bars

    How To Avoid Being Racist: Guide For White People

    A video teaching the privileged white community that white privilege exists and the nature of white guilt. Tell me what you guys think: whether it's too sarcastic or not or if you get the humor. It's a joke obviously, some political commentary. I don't know how the quality is: give me your feedback.
  11. Mupsin

    Gaming Looking To Colab on Black Ops 3 Xbox One (2.5KChannel)

    Hello you awesome people full of all kinds of awesomeness, I really getting into Black Ops 3 but im looking for a few awesome people to colab with or maybe just even play, I would love to colab by either playing online, challenging each other, funny moments and maybe even zombies, So if this...