1. T

    Gaming Looking for a channel of any size to collab with in Minecraft!

    It doesn't matter how big your channel is, but it should have decent quality and no swearing. This would probably be a short-term thing, although it could become something lasting (you never know!)
  2. Unearned

    xbox one/ pc looking to collab with other youtubers.

    I am 13 and looking for other gaming youtubers to upload with. I have a pc but mostly use my xbox one. Lookin for 13+ to collab and have fun with. I have mostly free games on pc and GMOD. On xbox i have games like rainbow six seige titanfall 2 friday the 13th Mortal kombat saints row 4 watch...
  3. N

    Gaming Looking for YouTube Collab/Group

    Hey yall, i have about 240+ subs and i was looking to find someone or people to collab with. I have PC but i usually only play Xbox One, so i'd much prefer a colab on that. The only games i have for it are Infinite Warfare, Mortal Kombat X/XL, and Gears of War 4. However i am willing to buy...
  4. M

    Gaming Youtube/Gaming Group

    Hi, my name is MechtonFX and I am a YouTuber who does graphic design content. I have decided to create a Gaming, GFX and YouTube group. I am the owner and I am mostly active every day! I have created this group for people to have fun and make new friends online. Now when making a group like this...
  5. B


    Hello Guys, Bumthimble out there, I want someone to collab. Check out my newest video and see my channel. channel name: Bumthimble Requirements: At least 1,000 Subs At Least 100,000 Total Channel Views Active Channel Games: Garry's Mod , Unturned , Brawhalla , And multiplayer horror games.
  6. Blitzerman

    50 Subs and 7250 views!!

    So guys i've been playing this youtube game for years now! Somewhat on and off however! But rececently with more frequent uploads and a much bettter quality of video i find i am finally (VERY SLOWLY) gaining views and subs! Which is obviously fantastic and further concretes the satisfaction...
  7. Mattaxol

    Big YouTubers - Under Pressure?

    If you're a big YouTuber and you have more viewers than a comedy club... Don't you feel under pressure? Is there any more pressure? I'm really curious. I always felt like if I were to get a very big audience I'd suddenly become shy of talking because I want to avoid saying something idiotic or...
  8. I

    I need help!

    Hi, i'm Ian and I started my channel a month or so ago and i'm stuck at a few subs. Ive been making videos on multiple channels since 2008 and have a lot of experience. I recently decided to settle down in one kind of videos and I only recently joined a network. I need help growing! If anybody...