big youtubers

  1. Alexander Nedelchev

    Is the schedule a good idea or not ?

    Hello, friends! I've read couple threads about growing youtube channel and etc. and most of the people say to schedule. I've also checked out some big youtubers, but most of them are uploading randomly. Now I am 50/50 and that's not good. So, anybody want to weigh the scales ?
  2. sparkypi

    Big Vs Small YouTubers (short)

    ...And Programmers
  3. ocslushie

    Unsub glitch

    New glitch has recently been found, every time you unsub, it equals to 2 unsubs! Youtubers like Pewdiepie, Leafyishere, Tana Mongeau are losing 100's subs per second! The founder of the glitch has negative subs! EXPLANATION LIVE SUBCOUNT (6 big channels)...
  4. My Dixie ReKt

    What kind of content are you into?

    Hello :) Just wondering what you guys watch on youtube on a daily basis? I personally watch stuff like top 10 creepiest houses etc stuff like that you know. My favorite youtubers for content like that are: Mr nightmare Gloomy house Reignbot horror I also enjoy watching urban exploration...
  5. darkstarmedia

    Underrated YouTubers?

    I'm pretty sure, if prompted, we could make an extensive list of YouTubers we feel are "overrated", who don't live up to the hype surrounding them, all that nonsense. But I'm not here to talk about that. I want positivity! We've all (probably) subscribed to someone who makes groundbreaking...
  6. Shandor

    How to get in touch with a youtuber?

    Heyy, So... I made an Intro for a famous youtuber (FouseyTube) and I would like to contact him and send him the files. I first tried to reach him by mail, but that didn't work so I tweeted him, but obviously a tweet of my account has only a slight chance of getting noticed and so that didn't...
  7. GooberVlogs

    Youtubers Getting Hacked

    So I'm subscribed to a channel called leafyishere and his channel has been hacked??? every title says hacked by poodlecorp.. This person keeps hacking big youtubers.... how do people get away with this.. how do they even hack... you think there would be some kind of protection.. unless they...
  8. HelloKeyy

    Is YouTube Just A Big Fame/ Number Game?

    I personally HATE the idea of having "small youtubers" and "big youtubers". I think once a youtuber gets to a certain number, they act all high and mighty and let the #'s get to their head and think because they have more #'s they think it's okay not to be friends w/ people who isn't on their...
  9. Shehzad

    Who Would Your Dream Colab Be?

    I think mine would be to just be working for thecreaturehub that would be insane for me I don't connect with any other youtube personalities out there better than theirs.
  10. WilBajamas

    Does " Luck " has anything to do with making a channel successful?

    I've been on many forums such as these. And I've come across many people / small channels saying that Big Youtubers get Famous through " Luck ". The L word that many people think it's a necessity for an individual to succeed in life or on Youtube.... Is it true? Please feel free to leave...