1. Dice Rollen

    Dice Rollen's Top 10 WTF Horror Movies

    Why do these movies exist?!
  2. H

    Alien Nightmare Gameplay Part 4: Help please I can't Cope

    This shows the horror of this game. I tried skipping foreward and still I can't get rid of this guy he is everywhere! I plan on uploading everyday so if you are reading this I hope you can just take 10 minutes to have a quick look and tell me what you think ^^ thanks for your time
  3. SimpleSam

    Whats Your Favorite Video?

    Just wanted to pose this question and get it out there. Which video have you made that is your personal favorite, or the one you are most proud of? Also whats your most favorite video in general? For me I love the Anniversary Stop Motion video I made last year. (you can check my channel out if...
  4. ApexTV

    What's the Best Video Editing Software?

    What is the very best video editing software? We personally use Power Director 13, because of it's fast rendering speeds and plan on upgrading to the newest Power Director 14 when we save up enough money to purchase it. In you opinion, what do you think the best video editing software is? Sony...