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  1. TheAustrianGuys

    My BEST OF video! What do you think?

    Hey everybody :) So I recently resurrected my YouTube channel and came back to YTtalk because I just love this community! I thought it would be a cool way to restart my channel by not only posting a new video out of nowhere but actually cutting together my favourite parts of all of my videos so...
  2. TheAustrianGuys

    BEST OF ... so far (Feedback is appreciated!)

    Hey there, I'm TeaRoller and I decided to revive my channel! For that I made a compilation of my favourite moments from the past years I was producing content. I hope you enjoy this video and would love to hear your feedback on it either here in the forums or over at YouTube. Thanks for...
  3. boogii boog

    Music Looking for Networking and Growth!

    i have done music alone for a long time and in a group and i am looking to do a collab with someone equally as talented. I make beats, produce and write. thank you all also seeking info on how to get organic views..?? again thanks im just starting my youtube channel and i just posted my first...
  4. AMX Gaming

    Best Of Outlast Compilation: Scary, Funny, Fails, Jumpscares, Best Moments

    This is what i believe some of the best of outlast compilation including scary, funny, fails, jumpscares, and best moments. Some of my very first gameplays are in this video it was kinda fun to re visit how i began my first videos and to see the improvements made along the way Thank You For...

    Since you've all seemed to like the last one... Here's another ;)

    I'm having lots of fun making these montages. hope you like em as well :)

    Enter the Gungeon - FUNNY MONTAGE

    Hey guys :) Wanted to go a more "Highlights"-style with this video so it's edited more than usual. I worked quite long on it and I hope you appreciate it as much as I do :D
  7. Cody Daniel

    THE BLOOD! THE CARNAGE!! THE DEATH!!! - Best of Happy Wheels #1

    This is my first video playing the horribly awesome and brutal game of HAPPY WHEELS! I try, fail, die, repeat time and time again! Watch me put these poor innocent people through horrifying trails for their lives!
  8. Dice Rollen

    Dice's Horror Reaction Compilation #3

    This is a compilation of some of the funniest & scariest moments from previous horror let's plays!
  9. H

    Hey guys what do you think ^^?

    What do you think of my videos quality? If you like to I would much appreciate a like and even a subscribe if you like it that much ^^ Enjoy!
  10. H

    Hey guys is this music too loud?

    This is my link xD It's just I feel like it might of been too distracting what do you think?