battlefield 4

  1. MZ-101

    Gaming I’m willing to collaborate with anyone on PC

    The title might be eye catching, but it ain’t misleading. It just needs a bit of clarification. I am willing to collaborate with anyone, but I’m not gonna’ feature you on my channel. I will, however, shout you out on my videos, Twitter, and possibly my video description. I may make a video...
  2. Atomicred

    Battlefield 4 Glitches and Corpse launches)

    Hope you guys enjoyed the video.
  3. M

    Gaming I am looking for someone to make videos with.

    I am open to most games. I am a college student so I don't have a lot of money to buy new games but am planning on buting Bf1. I would love to collaborate with anyone.
  4. R

    Gaming i want to do a collab with someone.

    the mp games i own are: dying light (pc) miscreated(pc) payday 2(pc) battlefield 4(pc) the elder scrolls online(pc gta v (ps4) the last of us (ps4) metal gear solid 5 tpp (ps4) contact me if you wanna do a collab. yt channel name is RoFroGaming
  5. MZ-101

    Gaming Any Battlefield from Bad Company 2 and up, Rainbow Six: Siege or CS:GO! (PC)

    Their isn't much to add really... I'm looking for player those games who has 200 subscribers and up. A good Commentator with videos to show for it and is motivated!
  6. Atomicred

    Battlefield 4 Funny Moments

    I love making video on Battlefield and I hope you enjoy watching.
  7. TheGamingPanda

    Looking For Advice on My Channel!

    Hey everyone this is TheGamingPanda and I was just wondering if you could look at my channel and leave some tips and advice, on like video quality, sound, and just all around channel quality. Anyways my channel is very small and every little bit helps. Thanks for your time! <3:) My Channel...
  8. IvjazVI

    Gaming Playstaion 3, Call of Duty, Battlefield or Destiny

    If anyone is intrested in playing any off the titles comment your psn name and I will add you as soon as possible 16+
  9. frendlym8

    battlefield 4

    can i get some feedback on my new video, so i can make my next video better?
  10. MZ-101

    Checkout this video. Trying new, more direct approach

    This post is mainly directed to one person who gave me a very good advice but, anyone can see and leave their opinion and review. If you enjoyed please do, Subscribe. @NothingToDoCrew let me know what do you think!?
  11. Onister Gaming

    Got My Voice Back!

    Can you leave some feed back on what upcoming Fps games you want to see and tell me if you liked the video!
  12. Formal Fox Productions

    Battlefield 4 Moments | #1

  13. Tyhd

    Kids Are Dumb (Battlefield 4 Commentary)

  14. Atomicred

    Battlefield 4 Funtage!

    Hope you enjoy and please tell me if I did any things wrong thank you :)
  15. Cosmical

    Gaming Looking for a person to make YouTube videos with

    Hi I am currently looking for a YouTuber that plays the games GTA V CS:GO Gmod and possible other games aswell If you're interested hmu
  16. DemendraHD

    Wannabe Hacker on Xbox Live

  17. H1_Gaming

    Gaming Looking for Battlefield PC gamer for strong colab.

    Hi I'm Lucas and i'm 15, I predominantly play Battlefield 4 on PC, I Live in England (useful for going on same servers) I definitely will play other games from time to time. (-: I have a set schedule of 2-3 videos a week, I would love to make at least one as a collaboration every week. If anyone...