1. RenOperative

    Is there any particular site that allows collaboration that isn't NewTubers?

    It seems that no matter what I do as a YouTube gamer I always get banned from Reddit for trying to build up a gaming community/podcast. NewTubers just axed me today, just looking for other alternatives here that aren't always on my back?
  2. avilsd

    Losing 60K+ subscribers just like that.

    And just as it was growing AGAIN too.... (I privated 500 videos for half a year which caused me to lose thousands of subs, my growth stopped and people complained about my paranoia of getting the channel terminated, so I unprivated them a month ago and here we are) Over 1 strike? F*** you...
  3. waegt aweg

    Banned from Adsense.. No MCN.. Now What?

    So, I was banned from AdSense back in 2011 (don't know why). After my appeal got rejected, I created a new a channel in 2013, and tried to monetize my videos using a MCN. I applied to Fullscreen and was accepted right away with little to no subscribers and no AdSense account linked to my...
  4. mohin

    will i get banned for uploading or managing YouTube channel using vpn?

    Hi YTtalkers, usually i use Android phone to upload my videos to YouTube because a vpn provider named (droid vpn) offer us to use free net using my local sim so i don't need to buy any Internet packages to upload videos to YouTube, but I am worried about ip related issues, because if i use that...
  5. Salt Report

    Salt Report - Russian p**n Ban!

    Russia gets hit with a banwave blocking two major sites this week! Understandably, this got internet warriors up in arms. Find out more in this episode of SALT REPORT! We're testing out a new format for our videos; it turned out remarkably different than our channel's first upload, and we think...
  6. Kacper

    No Sleep, Weirdest video I have made in my life

    Hi everyone, I've been gone for a while because I got banned for a month, anyhow i'm back now and I have made a bunch of videos while I was gone including a bunch of rants, playing some top quality anime games and even discussing some more serious issues like Zoella's photo scandal. It would be...