1. DanDaSimmer

    Best COLLAB ideas?

    Hey everyone, My friend and I both run YouTube channels and in the next few days we're going to collab and film a video for each of our channels. Previously on his channel we played a game where we pulled as many questions out of the hat in a minute and we had to answer each question but lie...
  2. DanDaSimmer

    A TINY milestone

    Hey everyone! My Dan's Life channel is almost one month old and we've reached 20 subscribers! According to Youtube that is 98 video views, though my calculations say 128. So that's 20 Subscriber and 100+ views in 3 weeks. Wahoo! Plus I have just uploaded a new video. I know it's a bit silly to...
  3. Kieran Hedley Fitness


    What's good!? I'm a fitness YouTuber in Melbourne and looking for others to collab with even if it's vlogging outside of the spectrum of fitness (: This is my latest vlog if your want to check me out Chur! (:
  4. Banished

    Other Want to collab! Gaining confidence and motivation videos!

    Hey! Just started a new channel based on helping people gain confidence and just life issues people might encounter. check out my channel and let me know if you are interested! I've only just started but jump on board for something great!
  5. Kieran Hedley Fitness


    Yo! Have a fitness channel and would love to collab with anyone who's slightly interested in health, fitness or lifestyle! My channel has a focus on all of these so any of these works (: Chur guys! An example of my vlogging is here, I try okay hahaha. Feel free to leave feedback or critique...
  6. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    VLOG in Melbourne!

    Yo guys! First proper VLOG in public in the city of Melbourne, would love some feedback, critique or support. Whatever you guys got, let me know! :D Hope you guys enjoy it! Cause I sure did! Chur (:
  7. Johnny_Seagull

    Dialling Your Own Number

    Haven't posted one of my videos here before, so ding-ding-ding here's my latest sketch! Enjoy.
  8. OutJake

    Gaming Looking For Australian Youtubers! (PC Games)

    Hi! My name is OutJake and I'm looking for some Australian peeps to record with! I generally play Steam games and Indie games, and need some friends to play with. You don't need to be Australian if you can deal with the time differences. REQUIREMENTS: A decent microphone, Steam, a few games, a...
  9. LayGoh

    Gaming making a clan/gaming team (Australia & PS4)

    Currently making a gaming team and looking for Australians because i am the only Australian that is in it. We will be making teamtages on our Clan channel and will be playing different games including COD BO3, CS:GO and more. Requirements: PS4 or PC 15+ years old Be able to record (even by...
  10. TemiiDee


    Hi there! I'm Temii and I'm really interested in doing collaborations with upcoming youtubers. I haven't gotten as far as what content to post if I were to do a collab as I'm curious as to weather or not people will reach out? If you're a newer youtuber with not many subscribers (most welcome...
  11. P

    Gaming xbox one all different games, funny: wanted Australia

    Hi I'm Mitch I'm just starting on youtube and are looking for a bunch of people to be able to play with and make great videos with. I'm 16 years old and are manly looking for people around the same age I live in Australia, but I would be able to work around times If you're funny, good at cod...
  12. TechSquizz

    Gaming Melbourne / Victoria Based gamers

    Hi, We operate a Tech Review channel and we are looking for a Gamer/s that are Melbourne / Victoria based to collaborate with. We dont know what yet but would love to sit down and nut out some ideas. Message us if you are interested. Cheers
  13. bodaniel

    Come explore Melbourne/Australia with me.

    My second Vlog is up feel free to watch if you want a distraction for a couple of minutes. Hope you all are having an awesome day!