1. Y

    Animal Content on YouTube

    Has anyone else noticed that animal content has exploded on YouTube recently? There's videos showing off exotic pets, videos about people breeding animals, and videos where people show themselves rehabbing animals. It's a little scary to think about the fact that anyone can market themselves as...
  2. P

    Vlog Animal Charity Looking for pet loving UK Vlogger to be our YouTUbe Ambassador

    Hi All, We're a leading animal welfare charity, looking to find a UK based Vlogger (ideally based around South East/London area) who is passionate about animal welfare to join our ranks as our YouTube Ambassador. You would be the face of our channel and present centre tours, upcoming campaigns...
  3. SeanFace101

    A Budgie Called... "Snowy"

    5 Mins Of The Budgie Called Snowy!
  4. SeanFace101

    Wee Snowy the Budgie being Nice & Quiet

  5. Fee007


    See how to achieve this Leopard Print Nail Art Design! And meet my furry ladies!
  6. SeanFace101

    Doing The Airplane To Feed My Rottweiler!

    Sheree doing the Airplane to feed my rottweiler Kiya with a fork. :bounce::wavespin: lol :woot2:
  7. Noelle

    Other Any Dog/Pet channels out there? - Looking to connect!

    Hello everyone. I'm looking to connect with people who have dogs, are interested in dog training or have pet channels (I also have to kitties that will eventually be on the channel as well!). It'd be fun to collab or meet up with anyone who has the same interests as me and my new channel. I've...
  8. Talooka


    The latest Talooka Talk Box episode is up! Check it out! This week's question was submitted by our own Juzey here on the forums :P Post a question or challenge and it'll go in the Talk Box too! Criticism is appreciated.