Has anyone else noticed that animal content has exploded on YouTube recently? There's videos showing off exotic pets, videos about people breeding animals, and videos where people show themselves rehabbing animals. It's a little scary to think about the fact that anyone can market themselves as a "professional" since you don't really need any qualifications to post videos on YouTube. It seems like the largest audience for these videos are kids which is obviously harmful for many reasons if these people are giving kids bad advice or showing them that anyone can rescue dangerous animals from the wild and keep them as pets. I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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People love animals and will always watch videos about them. I didn't noticed any animals videos increase on youtube
YouTube tends to promote videos that the person is interested in - If you like animals, Youtube will work it out and start suggesting them to you.

In addition, I'm guessing that people are in fact searching a bit more for cute/funny animal videos during lockdown to cheer themselves up a bit. - I know that is true for me. :)
Yeah i got suggested cute cat too. And of coz i click on it lol. We need this cute vids during this depressing time thats why