advice on my channel

  1. Sk Jony

    How to Add A Link In Your Video Description

    Someone said that, Add link in your video description. Then you got lot of views, not only this it chance to build huge subscriber network. Is it true or how it work.
  2. Dave Creator

    How Have My Recent Videos Been?

    Lately my more recent videos have been doing a lot better than my other ones and I was wondering what I'm doing and what I should keep doing.
  3. Assim Dallali

    I would like some advice.

    Hey guys, my name is Assim and I need your help. I would like to grow my channel and currently I am sitting at 248 subs and haven't moved. Can you guys give me advice to help me grow my channel by leaving a comment. Thank you for your help.
  4. Kousuke-shii

    Question for Commentators! Scripts or No scripts?

    So, I've started to do commentary videos on my channel. Not the type that has a game playing on the background but the one with tons of editing. (Idk how to explain it just check it out?) So here are the questions... Do you write scripts then follow those scripts while recording your audio? Or...
  5. Kousuke-shii

    Need Help with my Youtube Channel name!

    Hey guys, I seem to be having a problem here at YTtalk... My Channel's name is Kousuke-shii Æ but YTtalk doesn't allow that. The Æ part. So, is there any other way to link my Channel with my account? I don't really want to change my Channel name but that is my last resort.
  6. Micki BPO

    I need Channel advice...

    Ive only been a youtuber for a week and need some advice to see how good im doing and if there's any suggetions to make it better
  7. MZ-101

    Unable to know why I'm not growing? (Give me your honest/brutal review)

    I'm Absolutely confused! I'm not really sure as to why my channel is not doing any good. I had one great advice that my videos are quite long but, other than that everyone keeps telling me that "My videos are great!", "Editing is solid!", "Quality video...!" which at first was very flattering...