1. LoraIsAlwaysRight

    Twitch Partnered Streamer - Success On Twitch And Advice On How To Make Your Stream Chattier

    Hello fellow streamers! I'm Lora and I am a partnered Twitch streamer- I love debating with my viewers and playing a game called Slay The Spire on the hardest difficulty. Our streams are usually very chatty and we debate unique topics of the day (that I think of). If you're interested in...
  2. Scribetch


    I have created a channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UCQng-bkCquF8G62V8uyGM0g Are the thumbnails too much. Should they not have a color filter over them?
  3. MillieCan

    Advice on getting my first 200 subscribers?

    I cant seem to get out of the 120's range. I am going to begin consistent post,I have a video I am editing tomorrow. But beyond this, I have been so discouraged by the same sub range. I have patience and I am willing to learn. I know it comes wit time, but getting out of this zone feels impossible.