1. Samira

    Youtube Ads

    Hi Recently I have been watching the whole ad on videos (at least for the youtubers I am subscribed to ) I know it not much but in a way to give back. Now i have realised that the ads get longer and longer I mean 5-10 minutes long... thats the length of the video itself Has anyone...
  2. SeanFace101

    How do i add the MCN ads to my video(s)?

    So I just had a look at this MCN website "Music Nations" and it looks good (well, its the first one ive seen too lol) :P It says they offer 60% revenue share. I need to have at least 50 views per day on my channel first before I sign up so I need to wait a little while for now but I'm wondering...
  3. SeanFace101

    There Is A Google Ad In My Video! (There shouldnt be)

    So I clicked on one of my videos just there to get the link for it so I could share it and wen the video was playing I noticed that a Google Ad came up through it in the video. But y is this if I don't have ads turned on for my channel as my monetization is disable / not allowed. Any know?
  4. Daaave

    Realistically, could I get a paid sponsor?

    Hello YT Talk, I've seen a lot of famebit advertisement and it made me wonder: Could my channel (as small as it is) attempt to get a sponsor? I personally don't think it's possible, and if not, when would be the suitable time to try and get one?