1. artiflex

    How to Overcome Addiction - The Key to Overcome Addiction Fast

    I had already made this video, but I didn't like the quality and decided that I need to make a new one. DISCRIPTION Beating addiction is almost not possible if you don't fix the root of your addiction. How to overcome addiction? You have to find the root of your addiction. The root of your...
  2. Henry Gallimore

    Gaming Addiction is Worse Than Heroin

    Satire, terrible advice and terrible content all around. Henry looks into how you can fight against the peril that is YOUR GAMING ADDICTION.
  3. J

    The Strangest Addiction

    My latest video! A comedy sketch!
  4. artiflex

    How to stop looking at the view count?

    Do you guys experience that too when you uploaded a video that you always want to see if the video got more views already? It looks like an addiction, in the beginning I had it always a lot, now I force myself to not watch at the view count after I promoted it. Does anyone experience this too...
  5. artiflex

    How I Overcame Video Game Addiction - Stop Game Addiction in 3 Easy steps

    2 years ago I was very addicted to playing video games. I would spend 4 hours each day playing games and the whole day thinking about it. At some point I became very addicted to gaming, and started to give money to it. At got so far that I had spend around 7000 euros to gaming over the years...
  6. artiflex

    My Gaming Addiction Story & Video Gaming Impacts On My Life

    Before I start this discription, let me tell you if you love video gaming keep going. I'm just here to spread the message. For most of you gaming is something that you do to relief stress, or to do something when you're bored. 2 years ago I had nothing except gaming, I was 2 years behind on...
  7. Hellolabgroup


    Hey y'all! Well... I called it the first time I picked up Plantera that it had great potential for me to get addicted. Look at how bad it's gotten! It's taken over my life, really.
  8. Winger94

    YOU WON'T SURVIVE TO THIS (just kidding) | Addiction LP

    Hello guys! I wanted to play this game since when I saw it on Gamejolt and I have to admit I don't regret the choice. First of all the graphic: I love the Unreal Engine 4 (especially when I can run them!). This horror game turn around escaping from a facility after turning on the generators for...
  9. artiflex

    Change your life with Becoming Alpha - Overcome addiction, NoFap, Fitness, Weight, Food

    Change your life with Becoming Alpha - Overcome addiction, NoFap, Fitness, Weight, Food --------------------------- Becoming Alpha (Emanuel Ngochinya) is someone who was always going through bad stages. And always overwon them. He used to be obese for many years. He made an incredible...