1. OrionTheFilmer

    I hit 300 subscribers!

    this week i hit 300 subscribers and im very grateful of that. great way to start off the new year right! im gonna do a 300 subscriber special soon don't worry!
  2. Ocean Chan

    300 subs! Thanks YT community!

    Thankyou to the YT community! I have crossed over 300 subs (and counting). These past 4 months have been great. I've really enjoyed creating a youtube channel and sharing my dive videos with the world. I've also enjoyed meeting a lot of you and sharing tips on making an entertaining channel...
  3. TaVRoS Evolve

    Gaming PC collab!

    im looking to collab with some people to add some spark to my channel aswell as yours! i currently have 330subs only things i want from you: Have a mic have a way to speak with me have over 50 subs. its that simple!! List of games i have: Minecraft. CSGO - Im trash so no comp. H1Z1 - got it...
  4. sparkypi

    10 Subscribers AND 314 Views?

    I hit both of these milestones in one day! It was so sudden, too! I had no way to prepare, so my video on it is pretty much just me saying "thank you" and offering digital gifts of food. Thank you to YouTubeTalk participants for your help in this endeavor. You provide many insights...
  5. Jonatan Moser

    300 subs and awesome stuff within reach!

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to share with you my newest milestone - 300 subs! :-) I've been taking YouTube more seriously lately, and this is my third month of relatively regular uploads... And my sub count has grown from 100 to 300 since I started this (for me) new form of dedication! I am...
  6. BrinoVlogs

    FINALLY 300 SUBS :))

    I finally reached that 300 after awhile, next goal 400 :) Help me out, or even check out my channel and give me some feedback, i would really appreciate it :) "BrinoVlogs"
  7. SandManOnly

    Over 300 Subscribers, I want my leather play button!!

    I have reached over 300 subs,and because of that youtube must give me my leather play button its only fair to everyone. Pwediepie got hid diamond one where's my leather one huh ? Okey so seriously its amazing that 300 people subscribed to my face and want more of my videos, be sure to check out...
  8. Takadaroba

    300 Videos!

    About a day or two ago, I uploaded my 300th video by starting a solo pacifist let's play of Undertale with face cam! I've got almost 150 subscribers and I can't wait to keep growing! :D
  9. EthanJay

    300 Subscriber Goal

    My First Goal as a part of this forum: At the moment i stand at 248 subscribers and would love if by a months time i can reach 300! It would be amazing if everyone could have a peek at my channel and see if you like it! I know it may not be for everyone but hey ho! As long as you have a good...
  10. Giulio Garrett

    Reached 300 Subscribers!

    Hey everyone, Just want to thank you all for helping me surpass an epic milestone of 300 epic subscribers! Thank you so much for the incredible support on my videos, it finally feels like I'm getting something in return after all the work I put into recording and editing my videos to the best...
  11. LadyAiluro

    300 Subscribers Holy WHAT

    Woke up this morning and done my ussual thing. Look in the corner of my eye and there it is ... 300! Can you imagine all these 300 people in a room or a hall. It's crazy! I try not to think about numbers too much and just do what i do, but wow does it give you a boost in motivation.
  12. Hellolabgroup

    Finally hit 300 subs :D

    Happy to say I finally hit 300 SUBSCRIBERS! :D it's been tough, but i love each and every one of em ^_^ I'm trying to keep my gaming content true to my indie/horror passions and working on improving my editing with each video :)
  13. Onister Gaming

    Hit 400 views YaY!

    i Hit 400 views thank you guys for all the support!
  14. S


    Hey guys shadwarr12 here and I just want to thank everyone who got me to 300 views. I am amazed at how much fun youtube is and I enjoy talking to each of you in the comments section. I'll catch you later. Thanks again
  15. Happybird

    Gaming PC Gaming Collab +- 400 subs

    Hello everyone hope you meet the requirements so we can help each other out!! :) Requirments Collab: •14+ (kinda mature) •must upload frequently •decent mic (No s****y background) •ONLY PC games!!! -looking for youtubers around the 400 sub count (min 300 sub) Willing to play pc games not sure...
  16. Oparer

    300 Subs!!! WE MADE IT :D

    Wow guys! MY channel has just hit 300 subs!!! What a crazy time I have had this year! I never expected to reach a number like this and honestly I'm blown away at the support and love I've seen this year! If you haven't checked out my channel then please go and check it out and if you enjoy it...
  17. darkstarmedia

    300 Subscribers?! THANK YOU FRIENDS.

    Well, technically 305, because apparently I'm having the coolest of days. When I created my channel in May 2015, I set myself a goal of 250 subscribers - which I hit about a month ago! To have hit over 300 just in time for the New Year is freakin' awesome and I'm honestly so grateful for...