1. AllVisuals4U

    200 subscribers!

    I just hit 200 subscribers today!! Very slowly, but it's there:)
  2. ucandp

    200 Subscribers!

    Hi everyone! I started Youtube 1 year ago. Did a couple videos and stopped until about December. Both my comedy channel and my Vlog channel have now reached 200 subs. Ive really been consistent this year with my vlogs and I'm so happy that I've reached the 200 milestone! Out of that maybe 80...
  3. Takadaroba

    200 Subscribers

    Hello everybody! After having my channel since 2011, creating almost 500 videos, and reaching over 40,000 views, I have finally reached 200 subscribers! This was such a big goal for me since it felt like the time between 100 and 200 felt like years upon years, I'm so so happy to have finally...
  4. W

    Gaming Gaming News on new games

    I have 287 Subs and looking for someone with over 200 subs or a little under to collab with on mews about new games. I do a series every week on these and have many active subs and average at 100 views on this series
  5. JayVee

    10 000 views and 200 subs! :D

    Hey guys! We have hit 200 subscribers and i want to thank you all who have subscribed. i have a gaming channel and we all know how crowded that topic is! my advice make video's never stop!
  6. CorinneBryan

    Hit 200 Subs!

    Hey!, I'm super happy that I've hit 200 subscribers as I feel so proud of myself! Its always good to hit a milestone and I've worked hard to achieve this :D Looking forward to the future!!!! xox
  7. IGotTheMeats

    100 Views, 200 Watch Minutes

    I just hit my 100th all-time view and 200th minute of watch time! I've been posting consistently for about 10 days, and I think I hit those milestones at a quick pace! Hopefully next is 100 subs!
  8. Zaquiri

    Just Reached 200 Subscribers!! How Did This Happen?!

    So I started YouTube about two months ago and I didn't think anything would happen out of it. Somehow my channel has been exponentially growing day by day and tonight I just hit 200 subscribers! This is a HUGE milestone for myself, but all in all, I realize I am still a bottom-dweller in the...
  9. Mr Danny

    200 Slaves! I mean, Subs!

    So after ~2 years in YouTube (but been constant since about a year) I finally hit the magic number of 200 subscribers. Why is it magic, you ask? Well, because I'm excited about it. And human excitement is magical.
  10. Gameoverjack

    Finally Hitting 200 Subs!

    After putting in soo much effort and being as consistent as I can! I finally hit 200 subs! And to think that I jumped from 100 to 200 subs in a week and a half is just amazing! I am just really thankful for what I and my.....no our community has achieved and hopefully we go bigger and higher...
  11. Jimber Jam

    200 Subs - 200 Jelly Beans!

    They don't make a play button for 200 - so I made my own out of Jelly Beans!
  12. K

    200 SUBS!

    So I made it to 200 and to celebrate I made a ridiculous video! I'm quite pleased with this achievement and although it's taken a while I feel my channel is moving along strongly :)
  13. Christoverse

    200 Subscribers!

    It's been about 3.5 months since I started gaming content on my channel, and I'm proud to announce that I am officially at 206 awesome subscribers! At times, activity can be slow given that I am trying something unconventional (talking about stuff while playing games alone and w/ friends), but...
  14. Ascriva

    First month 200 views!!

    I just finished my first month of YouTubing and i hit 200 views! I only have 7 subs so I would love to get to 20 subs by next month. 200 views is a huge achievement for me even because of the small amount of subs that I have.
  15. Flow Error

    200+ subscribers

    Just reached 200+ subscribers. Hope to hit 500 subs by the end of the year.
  16. PIXRO The Awesome

    HEY I HAVE MORE THAN 200 Veiws!!!

    Hey Guys I would just like to announce that my channel has had a nice little boom of views, although it isn't a lot... H
  17. Daaave

    200 subs and 5000+ views ?!!

    It's been a weird few days on YT. Weird, in a good way, but nonetheless... weird. One of my videos gained more views than normal and gained me a lot of news subscribers?! Onwards to 1k I guess?
  18. Zivlon


    What's up guys Zivlon here! I am so excited to say that I have got 200 video views and 10 subscribers (Even though YouTube is still stuck at 9, but on my creator studio it says ten)! I am really proud of myself because I only started this channel less than a month ago. Thank you, to everybody...
  19. itsellis

    Any Small Vloggers around 200 Subs? Or Feedback for Feedback

    Hi my name is ellis i love making videos for youtube I'm trying to get into special effects again but very light, even though my recent videos don't contain any! If anyone would take the time to check out my channel and maybe give me so constructive criticism i would be very grateful and would...
  20. jschlatt

    200 subscribers!

    After a video of mine going semi-viral on reddit, I was able to reach my 2015 goal of 200 subscribers! I guess it's better 3 days late than never at all. :D
  21. Adetorrent

    200 subs bang on midnight - Happy New Year!

    I'm grateful to all my loyal subs and viewers that made 2015 a success for me on YouTube. I hit 200 subs right on midnight (my time). Bring on 2016 baby. Consistency, Quality, Value. Those are my three pillars of YouTube content creation in the new year. Happy New Year everyone.
  22. Roux Harbour

    200 Moustaches! ^^

    This Week I Reached 200 Moustaches!:pompus: (Subscribers) Yaay!^^ I'm SO Excited!!! :D :D :D :D :bounce::bounce::bounce: