200 subscribers

  1. Kuudere Ghost

    I hit 200 subscribers! :)

    I just hit 200 subscribers, this is awesome! It doesn't seem long ago that I hit 100 subscribers (less than a month ago) so this is just awesome to me, I'm so happy about it!
  2. G

    Reached 200 subscribers on my craft channel

    Hello friends, I reached the 200 subscriber-mark yesterday. I have been on youtube for 3 months now, running a channel for craft tutorials. It gives me great joy to see people love my work, and excitedly wait for more. In fact, the last video I put became the most watched video on my channel...
  3. VRONA

    200 Subscribers! Finally After 4 Years!

    After a 4 year struggle, my channel has finally reached the grand 200 subscribers! It took just a year to go from 100 to 200, so let's hope this is a sign of my channel finally growing, and slowly getting out of the pit it is in. These 4 years have been a rollercoaster. From steady growth at...
  4. VRONA

    How Can I Fix Appalling Growth Rate | Honest Feedback Needed

    My channel has been going through huge growing pains since it started 4 years ago. It started off ok, yet things went stale quickly. I only reach 100 subscribers after 3 years, and even though I am now just 1 off 200, the general viewing of my videos has been going down. In my first year I made...
  5. TheToastGamer

    I just hit 200 subs!

    It's crazy to think that i only started in February (the 14th to be precise) and despite the fact that it's only been 2 and 3/4 months,I have so many subs already! I know it may not seem like a lot, but think about standing in front of 200 people and doing a public speech... that's when you...
  6. Priscila

    200 Subscribers in 2 months!!

    We've reached 200 subscribers in 2 months! I don't know if this is fast but I thought we would be growing slower than this, maybe 50 subs in 2 months! :) I am super happy that we are growing and Troy, my 5-year-old old is super excited because he wants to reach 1K subscribers. I told him that it...
  7. Kagan

    5 Weeks, 200 Subscribers, 10 Videos

    Saying I am excited to have made so much progress in so little time is such an understatement. I am thankful to everyone here who dropped comments on threads I posted asking questions. You have all really helped me improve my video production significantly and it's insane to think i have only...
  8. Nebojsa032

    200 subscribers and 20,000 views!

    First of all, i want to thank you all for helping me to get 200 subscribers and 20,000 views. Last year was tough for me, i had health problems, and i am still solving them (cancer) but my Youtube channel got some really nice views and for me, a lot of subscribers. I really worked hard and i now...
  9. Justine

    200 Subscribers! Holy Cow!

    So I just got up to 200 subscribers and holy cow, I honestly never thought 200 people would actually like my videos and subscribe so I'm incredibly flattered!! This is so cool and I'm so happy with what I'm doing and I'm so happy I'm making others laugh and yeah!! I'm also super grateful for...
  10. Jacadamia

    200 Subscribers! Woah!

    Just hit the second big milestone, thanks so much everyone!
  11. HyDraid

    200 Subscribers in 2 weeks!! ^^

    I recently reached 200 Subscribers ^^ I got my 100 subscribers in 2 days which was awesome :O I made some more video's (4 video's at the moment) and I already reached 200, hopefully I will keep growing :')
  12. NerkGames

    Hit 200 Subscribers!

    The other day I managed to hit 200 subscribers! I'm so happy I managed to get to this milestone! I've been away from this forum for a while but it helped me a lot in growing my channel so I thank this forum for that! :)
  13. FestusFX

    200 Subscribers in 1 week (only 4 video's)

    Yea, I'm back again. I reached 100 subscribers in 4 days and now a few days later... Here I am with 200 Subscribers already ^^ I really want to thanks everyone for the great support :) I really like designing and it's awesome that you guys like my designs to! Still making free professional 3D...
  14. PositivelyBrainwashed

    200+ subs in 1 week

    I woke up today and broke 200 subs. The best part is that I haven't spammed any of my friends yet :) There's only 3 people I know subscribed to me.
  15. OliverRichesYT

    Passed 100 Subscribers and nearly at 200! THIS IS AMAZING :)

    I am quite a new channel, roughly two months old and my channel is doing pretty well! I have 11 Videos, 160 Subscribers and 4,000 views all together. My biggest achievement which I am very happy about was passing 100 subscribers which i forgot to post on here so i am now! With doing so well i...
  16. J

    Gaming PS4 and PC- Fun People to play games with!

    So at the minute my channel is just me and it is very lonely, I would like to be able to play with other people who are dedicated to their channel uploading atleast 3 times a week. It will be good to develop each others channels by broadcasting our names out to people who may not be familiar...
  17. RobCoxxy

    200 Subscribers!

    Today, I finally hit 200 subs, a target I've been aiming for for a while! With a growth of 37 subs in the last 27 days, I feel like the push for consistent uploads, much better tagging and producing high quality content alongside few new ideas has really helped. So, big thanks to Nikolaj...
  18. TheKirkyLife

    200 Subscribers in Four Months!

    I could not be happier right now - Christmas miracles do happen! For a third of a year's work I am besotted to know that I have reached the 200 subscriber milestone. It is so, so difficult to break into the gaming market but to create content which so many people have thought was creative...