100 sub

  1. ThePowerHousePichuYT

    100 Subs!

    Yay I did it! After 2 and a half months of YouTube I'm at 100 subs! Finally! Is this slower then normal?
  2. Henners


    Hey, I've reached 100 subs. It has taken me a year and I hope to continue to grow. I would be appreciative for any tips to help further growth. Feel free to watch my 100 Sub Special which is OFFICIAL FORTNITE 2 GAMEPLAY ;) Thanks for reading this
  3. BrandyKoopa

    100 SUBS WOOO

    i know it is not a lot of subs but today I got the email from google. I’ve officially reached 100 subscribers on my channel!!! and also became eligible for my custom URL today! Hopefully I keep hitting these milestones
  4. Raid MusicHD

    Woohoo just reached 100 subs!!!!!

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just reached 100 subs when I slept at night ;) without Sub4Sub (Now 101) Thank you for all who supporting me. Love you all Now #Roadto200subs By the way don't use Sub4Sub, cause that's how People of "distress" think :/
  5. Kevin from PerlerRoll

    100 Subs and 15,000+ video views (Keep hustling)

    Hey YT homies, Just a quick thread to post some of my smaller accomplishments. I've only been on YouTube for my Perler Bead channel for 2-4 months and have seen some cool numbers. My best advice is create a consistent schedule and don't be afraid to take risks with the type of content you...
  6. J

    Just Hit 1 Sub.... THANKS FOR EVERYTHING

    Just kidding guys i now have over 100 subs!!!
  7. Keg Man

    100 subs and closing on 150

    So i've been a little bit lax on the forums recently (between work, recording and networking as well as looking for new houses who WOULDN'T be a bit lax) but after doing some solid networking and working with one of the biggest modders for motorsport manager i finally broke the 100 sub count and...
  8. Chara Celik

    100 Subs!

    Hey Guys, It's been 2 months since I started my Youtube journey and I just surpassed 100 subscribers. I am planning a cool video to celebrate this milestone. It would mean a lot if you guys checked out my channel and tell me what you think! Much ❤️ Chara
  9. Vivian King

    50 Subs!!

    I just hit 50 subs yesterday and I am so exited. This is the first milestone I have hit and I hope there are many more to come! My next goal is to hit 100 subs.
  10. CorporalKilljoy


    Thanks to everyone who helped me get this far. So to all the RWBY fans and Rooster teeth here is a Challenge I made myself for anyone who is a fan of RWBY to try. "The RWBY Cold Challenge" which basically a do not cry challenge. Video down below, feel free to try it yourself. just follow the...
  11. Active Rooster

    100 SUBS, Thank you yttalk!

    Thank you! ALL OF YOU and the supporting community here on yttalk! Hope you all a great future! -Active Rooster
  12. Tuskan

    41 days of hard work and got 100 subs

    I spent 41 days working in forums meeting new people and my work paid off and I got to the first mountain peak of youtube. It feels so satisfying that i had help from here and other places from my friends and acquaintances like. I like to thank you for everything you did for me! Stay Toasty!
  13. Bentura Madrid

    100 Subscribers! Oh Yeah!!

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to announce my channels first milestone... 100 subscribers! Thank you all. My next video will be an extra special one! Now on to 500 :0) Channel: Digital Bird Music Nest Thanks, Bentura Madrid
  14. GigaPower

    New Milestone 200 Subscribers !

    Currently i am at 148 Subscribers and my goal was 100 subs by 7/10/16 and I reach it! Thanks for everyone who subscribed! I want to reach 200 Subscribers by 8/1/16! If you any of you guys on intested in subscribing I post gaming content like Grand Theft Auto 5, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege...