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YouTube Network's | Everything You Need To know!


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Dec 3, 2012
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Depends who you go with, however any network CEO I've talked to has claimed to have better earnings than adsense. I know for definate my network does.
Heh, CEOs of networks: highly unbiased sources of information.

This means that you distribute the partnerships from the MCN and are responsible for managing the channels under your CMS or the database that the MCN has made for you & any issues the partner has. For this you get 10% of the partners revenue.

Networks payments are higher than YouTube Adsense! Because they have higher paying ads from there specially made ad-sales team! People get mistaken. But going with a network in the long run is alot more beneficial than just YouTube.

Network's also run of RevShare. So if your a VN you would have the following share. Money is generated from ads on your videos. That money is sent to YouTube After 2 months & YouTube take 45% Then forward the rest to the network or MCN. The MCN then takes there percentage (e.g 80%) Then they forward 10% or whatever the VN has agreed between the MCN & The VN Then the remaining 70% is forwarded to the partner.

Respect Networks. The owners may seem boring and 'Fake' But really they do alot of work every day and people underestimate this.
underlined = incorrect or misleading statements

Let's take it from the top:
  1. People making jokes or comments about the color? They are trying to be nice and politely tell you something. Because you clearly are not understanding, I'll explain THE COLOR IS UN-f*****g-READABLE, CHANGE THAT s**t NOW.
  2. Your writing is very poor. Beyond the basic mistakes ("alot", "there/their", incorrect plurals, etc.) you jump around between topics, emphasize the rather irrelevant points, and don't have good flow.
  3. You actually did a fair job at outlining how the business of networks actually works. MCN/VN. There are also CAs. However really all this information is irrelevent to 95% of channels.
  4. You didn't actually provide any advice as to WHAT to look for or what to look OUT for in a network.


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May 7, 2013
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You didn't actually provide any advice as to WHAT to look for or what to look OUT for in a network.
Well, he didn't promise that. The title reads "YouTube Network's (sic)| Everything You Need To know!"... And everything you need to know obviously is to respect and obey the mighty network.

Networks arent easy. If your 13 and wanting to setup a network here are some tips.

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Apr 11, 2016
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Thank you for sharing this tips.