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Vlog Looking for small vloggers

Discussion in 'Vlogs & Vloggers' started by Art Maurick Melgar, Apr 16, 2018.

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    I am a small vlogger who just started out at youtube and I am looking for other small vloggers to have a give and take support system
  2. TheDubaiNetwork
    Active Member
    Hi i am not a Vlogger but i love to watch Vlogs Like ZaidALIT Vlog and Other So Good to see you but i cant see your channel link
  3. Philip Jensen
    Active Member
    Hi man, just saw "A Day In My Life - Day 10".
    As a fellow new vlogger, here are some immediate inputs. Feel free to disagree and discuss with me, or watch one of my videos and critique me back. :)

    A few things:

    1) Try to build a story. The linear building of a day is super fine, but what is it in for me? Why should I, as the viewer care? (sorry if this sounds harsh, it's not meant to be.) In your example you could've started your day with saying: "today is the day where our school chooses the students who are admitted [...] I'm so excited and nervous." Or something like that. Build suspense, and introduce the plot.

    2) Have a mixture of shots. Right now all of your shots are handheld (almost). Try to have a mixture. Some handheld (stable). Some tripod. And some moving. When everything is shaking around it becomes a bit hard to follow.

    3) Level your sounds. Sometimes it's quite hard to hear what you're saying both because you are not speaking up and also because the music is a bit too high sometimes.

    4) Time checks. Maybe I am just old, but the time check thing is a bit weird. Maybe just make a graphic overlay? Or insert a closeup of your phone. I do not know. It's probably me.

    I hope you can use it and take it into consideration for your next videos.
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