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I need help creating the watermark/branding

Discussion in 'Branding and Channel Design' started by Minyin Valarauco, Oct 4, 2018.

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    So, I'm having a problem with the channel watermark/branding function. Since I've started I can't get it to work or show up after creating one, with how someone says to make one in a video. Can someone tell me how to make a watermark/branding, what program I have to use, step by step instructions, and how to add it to my videos so that it actually works and shows up please? Like I know exactly how to add the file, but then again maybe I'm doing that wrong to, I was pretty sure it was upload file on the watermark page. Then if that is not the problem then I need all of what I said before. Basically a step by step of how to create one, along with what program I should use to do it. Also I should have read through the sub forum titles first before posting, as I put this in the wrong one first and it doesn't allow me to delete it lol.
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    Could you please explain a little clearer? Are you having trouble adding you logo in the bottom corner from the built in YouTube feature? Are you asking how to edit in a water mark to your video with a video editor? It should be pretty simple to create a PNG file in Photo Shop or Gimp and add it to your video in a program like HitFilm or Premiere pro.

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