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HELP!! Custom URL?


Dec 30, 2017
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First things first, your channel needs to be eligible to get a YouTube custom URL. Your channel needs to have 500 or more subscribers, be at least 30 days old, have an uploaded photo for the channel icon, have uploaded channel art, and, on top of all that, needs to be in good standing. If you meet all of these criteria, or are extremely close, then you can start thinking about your custom URL. This is why the custom URL on YouTube is a sign of prestige; you must have at least 500 subs to be eligible. It’s an awesome milestone to reach, but also a daunting one, as this decision cannot be reversed once finalized.
It has been 100 subscribers for some time. I have no doubt it would have been 500 subscribers at some point in the past though ;)


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Mar 27, 2018
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Okay, So,
Google+ has told me I can create a custom URL, and I can choose it.. For SOME REASON I can't just have AmberAndGolden I have to add some letters on the end of it..
So I tried YouTube adn YT, neither of them are 'avalable' apparently (even though I can't find anyone else with this URL)
So I just accepted my fate, and typed in an S so it's AmberAndGoldens
But when I click accept, it says it will change my YouTube URL as well.. I want just AmberAndGolden as my URL not something that isn't even my name?!
I think the reason I can't have AmberAndGolden is because >I< have already taken it, so its not 'avalable'??
because if I type in Youtube.com/amberandgolden it comes up with my channel?

Help! :'c What else can I put on the end of my URL, but keep it sounding nice? (eg, not Official, I don't like that;p)
or how can I just have my actual user name?

thanks for any help:c
thank your post